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Better Late Than Never… Here's The Blog On BANSHEE

In my unpolished time, if I’m not eating or exercising or trolling the Internet late at night, I’m watching television.  It’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  You name the show and it’s likely I already watch it or it’s on my Must Watch Next List. About a month ago I got a tip about a … Continued

Wearing My Heartz On My Sleeve & Around My Neck Too

[slideshow id=30] When my friend’s Mother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer a year and a half ago she knew her life was about to change.  What she didn’t know, nor what she couldn’t have ever imagined was to what degree and in what capacity those changes would manifest. When the doctors told her Mother that … Continued


  The other day I almost got through an entire yoga class without crying…. Almost.  Then I heard the most unbelievable song and it moved me to tears. The melody was beautiful and the words were powerful enough that I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind.   As soon as class … Continued


Typically I’m more of a hard liquor drinker but sometimes I need to mix it up, especially if I’m starting early and breaking out the booze during daylight hours. A few weeks ago I had plans to meet a girlfriend at the park with the kids.  Our texts back and forth covered the who, what, … Continued