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Save Some. Spend Some. Give Some To Charity.

As a kid, my Dad had a bunch of mantras he’d repeatedly drill into my head. “Don’t Bullshit A Bullishitter” was one of my favs.   “It Is Nowwwww Bedtime” was one of my least favs! I still have yet another one of the (in)famous Silver catchphrases that he wrote a million years ago on his business card and … Continued

Thanks For Nothing!

 Hi.  It’s me. Okay, be honest. When you got my email or saw my Facebook status or Instagram pic or Twitter tweet about ANOTHER new blog post weren’t you like: “Really?  Again?  You just posted yesterday.  Now what do you want?” You thought that, right?  Seriously, it’s fine if you did.  Even I thought that, and … Continued

This Blog Is About Nothing

I had a conference call with my marketing girl this morning.  She’s been encouraging me to blog more; Post more shit all over social media.  She wants me on a posting schedule.  She told me I should be actively engaged five times a week in order to get my name out there.  In order to … Continued


JUST TO LET YOU KNOW….. It’s November…. Which means this month is all about YOGA! If you missed my first yoga repost, “GETTIN’ DOWN WITH MY DAWG” on Monday (which was a blog from when I initially began my yoga journey) then you might want to catch up by CLICKING HERE FIRST before reading the next … Continued


JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…. This week I found myself in various unpolished scenarios which left me shaking my head & saying, “That’s Annoying!”   SO IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER OF OCCURRENCE OR ANNOYANCE….. HERE’S MY “THAT’S ANNOYING” UNPOLISHED LIST: 1. Carpool Lines: Need I say more? 2. Unnecessary Loudness: By all means, feel free to do … Continued