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While Everyone Is Talking About Gwyneth…

It seems I can’t turn on the computer without reading another snarky albeit funny blog post about the Paltrow/Martin “conscious uncoupling” split that hit the news earlier this week. I won’t bore you with my own drawn out based-on-nothing-but-what-I-read-in-the-tabloids opinion on the matter, but I will say I think everyone should leave the chick alone!  Just … Continued

Elementary My Dear WatSON, Elementary!

Sometimes the obvious is right in front of our eyes but in order to see it clearly we need the assistance of others.  This was recently the case in my humble abode. Perhaps you remember me bitching in the past about my housekeeper.  The main problem is that the only thing she is good at … Continued


SO HERE’S THE UPDATE: Dropping the kids off at ski school on day one was a little weird.  My kids know NOTHING about the sport and we just left them there.  I mean, my older son’s face was like a deer in headlights when we said, “Okay kiddo.  See ya later.  Have a great day, … Continued


This will be the easiest game of Jeopardy you’ve ever played.  I’ll be Alex Trebek.  You can be the contestant.   I’ll give you the “answer” and then you can try to figure out the “question.” There will only be one category, that being: SPRING BREAK 2014. Let’s get started: Answer:   4:30am wake-up call. … Continued

10 Years. 2 Kids. 0 Pets. And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

 It’s Our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary So Here’s The Unpolished Truth: I wear glasses.  You probably already know this.  Mine are dark.  They are black rimmed and they help me to see clearly.  They are not rose colored.  If you wear rose colored glasses and choose to see life through those type of lenses, more … Continued

Now That I've Nama-STAYED… I'll Never Nama-GO

Namaste One of my very first blogs described the beginning of my exploration into Hot Yoga titled, Should I Namaste or Nama-GO?  If you missed it, you may want to read it quickly in order to get a better understanding of where my head space was then compared to now, one year later.  Click here to catch up! … Continued

He's Chillin' While She's Grillin'

Are You Ready For Some Football? Hold on female readers, don’t start sulking because I mentioned the word football.  Whether you’ve been following my blog from its inception or you’ve only recently stumbled upon it, the one thing that remains constant is that I am in fact, unpolished.  That said, it can’t be much of … Continued

A New Year's Eve Blog…A Predictable Juxtaposition

Yesterday I got put on the spot.  I got a text from one of my friends that read,  “No New Year’s Eve blog? To which I replied, “I should do one, huh?” To which he then replied, “Unless you want your readers to think you died!” To which I didn’t reply at all because I … Continued

It Was Love At First Bite… But It's Over Now

If you’ve ever experienced a breakup where you really didn’t want the relationship to end but you knew it had to be done because it was for the best, then you know how painful it can be. Over the last week I’ve been getting over a difficult loss.  I’ve been mourning the end of a … Continued

I Won't Tell You Eight Things, But I Will Tell You One

The new shtick on Facebook seems to be listing a number of things about yourself that other people most likely would not know.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single one of these interesting albeit random, tidbits.  I’ve learned a lot about my friends, mostly that I didn’t know some of them quite as well … Continued