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All Bethenny Had To Say Was, “SORRY NOT SORRY!”

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Episode 124 Of Unpolished Therapy Podcast Is Now Available For Download!  Episode 124 Finds The Gals On The Corner Of Audacity & Advice As Rachel Silver-Cohen Comes In Hot! She’s Got A Bone To Pick With Bethenny About A Bombshell Balmain Dress She Was Unpolishedly Ballsy & Brassy Enough To … Continued

I Was Today Years Old When…

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Episode 117 Of Unpolished Therapy Podcast originally aired on December 20, 2023: Episode 117 finds the gals on the corner of Audacity & Advice as they admit to being “Today Years Old” when they realized what they didn’t know they knew about various unpolished pieces of knowledge! It’s the finale … Continued

“Help! I’ve Been Influenced And I Can’t Get Up”

I like to think of myself as a person who’s fairly regimented; following a daily routine inclusive of satisfied feelings after crossing out responsible line items on my list of life which help keep my world running smoothly and orderly. Having a job and doing it proficiently is one of those line items. My job … Continued

Unpolished Turducken

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Turducken is a dish which consists of a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey all cooked at once and served together to be eaten in one bite. In unpolished words, it’s a mouthful of three birds which have absolutely nothing to do with each other. That said, … Continued

You Tell 2 Friends & They Tell 2 Friends & So On & So On…

Remember that awesome commercial from the 70’s?  You know, the one about the shampoo.  “If you tell two friends about Faberge Organics shampoo with wheat germ oil and honey, then they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on and so on.” In today’s world, I suppose social media is the equivalent of what … Continued