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Meet Marcy Berger: An Unpolished Love Story

  JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… This week, on episode 60 of Unpolished Therapy, we  introduce our guest, Marcy Berger. Marcy candidly opens up and shares the personal journey of marrying her husband, divorcing her husband and then several years later, remarrying him all over again.  The road less traveled was littered with challenges along … Continued


HOT OFF THE UNPOLISHED PRESS…..  Have you ever been treated by a doctor who was a total douchebag? Well, I have and I decided to share the unpolished experience with all of you! This week, Suburban Misfit Mom published my story titled, Doctor Douchebag. You can check out the article on the forum by CLICKING … Continued

HE SAID / SHE SAID: Ernest & Audrey

I’ve always been fascinated with the differences between a man and a woman. However, instead of banging my head against the wall attempting to figure out the male species, I try my best to be accepting of what I know I can’t change.  Men Are From Mars & Women Are From Venus.  Period.  The End. … Continued