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"Mom, You Eat Vagina?"

Last night I celebrated my son’s tenth birthday. An unpolished foodie since birth, the double digit guest of honor requested a fancier than usual meal at a fancier than usual restaurant. No problem kiddo; wish granted! The pleasure was all mine. We arrived at the fine dining establishment and sat immediately. Not wanting to waste … Continued

Word Nerd

I have been a lover of words (hence, word nerd) for as long as I can recall.  One of my favorite books is called WORDS That Make A Difference And How To Use Them In A Masterly Way.  It’s a cross between a dictionary and a thesaurus in the sense that the words are listed alphabetically … Continued

One Down… A LOT More To Go!

It’s Friday!  Major congrats to all the folks who sent their kids back to school this week. How’d your transition go?  I hope it was a little smoother than mine. Ready Or Not… Here They Come Initially, we started out great Monday morning.  Kids up, dressed, breakfast ingested (which never happened last year) and out … Continued

Elementary My Dear WatSON, Elementary!

Sometimes the obvious is right in front of our eyes but in order to see it clearly we need the assistance of others.  This was recently the case in my humble abode. Perhaps you remember me bitching in the past about my housekeeper.  The main problem is that the only thing she is good at … Continued

A Day at the Zoo… Unpolished Style

[slideshow id=24] A day at the zoo for most people means exactly what it sounds like, a day at the zoo.  For my family, a day at the zoo means: let’s see if we can get there in one piece and then figure out how quickly we can get it all done. My kids are … Continued

Now I'm Feelin' So Fly… Like A Cheese Stick

[slideshow id=9]  -ISMS:  According to the Urban Dictionary, (my favorite online source for all things slang)  -ISMS are something about a person that is unique to them and is added to the end of their name. i.e., BEN-ISMS According to me, -ISMS are exactly what my reliable reference says, OR… the funny shit I hear kids say. … Continued

Kids Say The Darndest Things

[slideshow id=6] KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS, don’t they?  Sometimes what they say is so freakin’ funny you swear you’ll never forget it.  However, in most cases we’ve already forgotten what they said ten minutes after they’ve said it! UNLESS OF COURSE, you have a pencil and write it down.  Luckily for me, I love … Continued