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Kids Say The Darndest Things

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KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS, don’t they?  Sometimes what they say is so freakin’ funny you swear you’ll never forget it.  However, in most cases we’ve already forgotten what they said ten minutes after they’ve said it! UNLESS OF COURSE, you have a pencil and write it down.  Luckily for me, I love pencils so I try to keep a list of all the funny shit I hear kids say!

Parent:     “Who’s the President of the United States?”

Kid:          Broccoli Obama”

Parent:     “Where do you want to go for dinner tonight?”        

Kid:         How about Old McDonalds”

 OTHER TIMES, what a kid says can be slightly less cute.

Kid:           “My life is so boring.  I have the worst house! It has no pool.  It has no stairs.  And my Mom says she’s NEVER getting me a dog!”

Kid:             “Ok, fine.  If we can’t get a dog, can we get a baby sister?”

Kid:            “All my friends have seen snow except for me.  I’m the only one in my class who gets nothing.  Everybody else gets everything! And my Mom said I’m NEVER getting a baby sister either!”

Parent:      “Listen up you ungrateful little rat… If you are not satisfied with the life you’ve been given thus far, and you think you can find another family who can provide better, then by all means you have my blessing to pack up your belongings and head on out.  C’mon, I’ll even help you get started.”

Ok, so that ungrateful little rat belongs to me.  I’ve pretty much sold my sanity to the devil since the day I became a Mother and this is the thanks I get!  After giving it some thought, I wish I didn’t like pencils so much because it may not be so smart to write it all down.  Some things are better left forgotten!

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