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That’s a loaded question if I’ve ever heard one…

I’m opinionated. I’m loud. I’m a little rough around the edges. I like to throw it out there and see what sticks. I’m not afraid to say what I know others are thinking and I’m willing to deal with the consequences when I forget to use my filter. I crave witty banter and welcome the opportunity to evoke that same desire out of anyone who’s up to the challenge!

I like to drink good scotch. I like to smoke a cigar on occasion. I love to eat delicious food. I never get tired of the shock value. The bigger the shock, the better the value! I love to laugh. Sometimes it’s the best coping mechanism. And when I find myself wiping away the tears after watching a commercial that tugs at my heartstrings, it reminds me that I’m not so cold blooded after all.

My children are my life. I’d take a bullet for them no question. I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that those I love the most are the same people who drive me utterly insane!

Cursing comes with the territory and I make no apologies for it.

My husband tells me I’m pretty. I think being smart is sexy. My friends say I’m witty and I can find the grit in any situation. Rarely do I hesitate to roll up my sleeves and get dirty. Hell, I’ll even take my whole damn shirt off given the right circumstances!

I’m Silver. I’m Unpolished. So be it.