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It’s an unpolished world out there.

I bet there are moments you wish you could escape it all and live in a tiny, little bubble with hardly any noise. This bubble would be safe; it would be danger-free. No wrongdoing would exist in this zone. I bet if you could live in this bubble, you’d take your loved ones along for the ride and live out your days absent of the stress and pressure and all would be right in your polishedly perfect world.

That’d be nice, huh?



Silver Unpolished bursting bubbles
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If we are constantly insulating ourselves from the real world it negates the whole purpose of living to our fullest potential. Sheltering ourselves from reality is not reality; in order to grow we must be nourished. In order to be nourished we must feed our souls with experiences and breathe in the life force. Sure, the life force isn’t always filled with levity but being courageous enough to take a bite, swallow and effectively digest what we’ve been fed is all part of the secret recipe for honest, healthy living in perpetuity.

The same philosophy applies for our kids. Of course as parents, we want to protect our children from the dangers of the universe. It’s our job to keep them out of harm’s way. However, like a caterpillar, eventually our babies outgrow the confines of the warm cocoon. There comes a point when they must break free and explore the endless possibilities life has to offer as a beautiful albeit naive butterfly.

Silver Unpolished Bursting Bubbles
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Allowing our children to indefinitely live in this so-called bubble is doing them a disservice. It’s imperative we lead by example outside of the bubble so they learn to recognize the differences between true and false perceptions of reality. As parents and more importantly as people, we must continually take chances and calculated risks in order to thrive.

Silver Unpolished Bursting Bubbles
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JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…. Don’t be fooled by the concept that burying your head inside a bubble is better. It’s not. It’s a sucker’s bet. Bubbles don’t last forever. Bubbles pop because bubbles are fragile. But people aren’t!

Silver Unpolished Bursting Bubbles
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Soooooooo, if the bubble is inevitably going to pop (and trust me, it will) then why not be prepared. Find your unpolished pin, take control and be the burster of your own bubble!

Silver Unpolished Bursting Bubbles
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  1. Great read and so true, l liked reading through. Quick questions,
    How can parents set an example in areas out of their confine or reach?
    And how can children learn to pop their own bubble without being popped themselves?

    1. @Samuel GREAT QUESTIONS… Certainly ones to ponder and think about. Kids learn by example so if their parents show strength by taking (calculated and smart) risks outside of their comfort zone, they too will learn it’s okay to step outside of the confines of the safety net. As far as being “popped themselves” I think failure is as important ( if not more) than success. Kids need to fall down in order to learn how to stand back up.

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