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The bigwigs. The sharks. The movers and the shakers.  All of ’em are go-getters who know exactly what they want and how to get it.  The main commonality these like-minded individuals share is their innate ability to think BIG!

Unfortunately, I’m not really a bigwig and I’m hardly a shark.  I’m more of a minnow who’s just finding her way.  The good news is I’m not afraid of rough seas and I LOVE to think BIG!  My head is always spinning with ideas about the next big thing.  Sometimes, I get so carried away with all of my über-big thinking that the lines tend to get skewed between my fantasy (GO BIG) world and my reality (GO HOME) world.

For instance, in my head I win the lottery like, all the time!  I know the chances of hitting the mega millions are ridiculous, but I’m telling you, in my GO BIG world, I’m a winner.  Countless times I’ve thought about how I would spend the dough.  I’ve asked myself the relevant questions.  How would I divvy it up?  Who would I share it with?  What charities would I support and what foundations would I establish?  In my GO BIG world, I have triple checked the math to determine if it makes more sense to take the lump sum or spread it out over the years.  I’ve thought in great detail about buying that first frivolous purchase.

Here’s where things get skewed… After I have essentially spent the winnings ten times over in my head, my husband sheepishly admits (just moments before the numbers for the world’s largest ever jackpot are being drawn) that though it all sounds fabulous and can’t wait to break ground on our new vacation home in Lake Tahoe, he… umm, err… sorta forgot to buy the tickets so I shouldn’t rush to call the realtor.  And thus, my reality (GO HOME) world resumes!

Since the big check with a dollar sign, a few nines and a shitload of zeros has yet to arrive with my name on it, I’ve had to concoct other GO BIG moments.  

In my alternate GO BIG world, I’ve managed to outwit, outplay and outlast all of my fellow contestants which earns me the title of Sole Survivor on the CBS show’s 26th season.  In my mind I can clearly envision Jeff Probst tallying the votes and saying, “39 days, 18 castaways, but only one can be the Ultimate Survivor.  The winner of Survivor Caramoan Island is… (this is where I insert my name!)”

Okay, so I’d probably win the lottery before even remotely coming out on top as Sole Survivor.  But that’s only because of the food situation.  I would barely be able to see straight if I had to live on a spoonful of rice and a few drops of juice that I sucked out of a coconut for five weeks!  I’m still not giving up though.  In this new scenario, I don’t have to win the show, I just wanna make it to the merge!  Not before long though,  do I hear the more likely words from Probst’s mouth.  “The tenth person voted out of Survivor Caramoan Island is Silver.  I’m sorry, Silver.  Grab your stuff.  It’s time for you to bring me your torch.”  In my head the tribe has spoken so loudly that it knocks me right back to my GO HOME (no pun intended) reality!

No matter how frustrating it gets when my GO HOME world rains on my GO BIG parade, I won’t give up on my GO BIG attitude.  It’s a long shot that any of my over the top, BIG dreams will come to fruition, but what I do know for sure is that if I stop imagining I’ll lose even the slightest chance of them coming true at all.

AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… If I ever really do hit the lottery, I’d totally take the lump sum and I’d totally share it with my Unpolished friends.  I’d cut you in on the action, ‘cuz that’s just how I roll.

Ciao for now…



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