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Remember When # Was Just A Pound Sign?

Let me start off by saying I probably should have published this post ages ago.  I didn’t because I was boycotting the whole hashtag hysteria.   I thought it was weird.  I still kinda do.  However, since it’s obviously not going away anytime soon I’ve decided there’s no point in being a martyr.  #ifyoucantbeatemjoinem

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Think back.  Do you remember when the pound sign was just that symbol to the right of the zero button on the phone that no one ever used?  Why is it there anyway?  What’s the purpose?  It’s okay if you’re not sure.  Don’t worry, I’m clueless too.  How ’bout when the pound sign doubled as a tic-tac-toe board.  Remember?  At least that’s a functionality which makes sense.  Drawing an X or an O on a blank piece of paper doesn’t translate quite the same without the presence of the pound sign.  It’s the whole foundation of the game!  #doesanyoneevenplaytictactoeanymore?

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If You Must Use The Hashtag, At Least Be Smart About It

It’s impossible to escape the bombardment of hashtags.  As annoying as they can be, my issue now isn’t the quantity of the hashtags but rather the quality.  If you must use the hashtag, at least be smart about it.  Tell me something I don’t already know.  Teach me something.  Say something witty.  Be clever.  Make me laugh.  The topics people are hashtagging (is that even a real word?) don’t seem relevant.  They seem useless!

Do irrelevant hashtags leave you #rollingyoureyes and wondering #hashtaghuh?

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For instance:

Is it necessary to hashtag what you ate for lunch?  I’m thinking no, because in all honesty, #nobodycares.

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Do I need to be “hashtag updated” on the current weather conditions when I can look out the window and see for myself or better yet, just watch The Weather Channel for the Local On The 8’s?  I’m thinking no, because in all honesty, #itseitherrainingoritsnot.

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I have enough of my own sleep issues.  I’m not sure it’s a priority to be brought up to speed on the sleep patterns of others because in all honesty, #imtootiredtoseestraight.

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Don’t Even Get Me Started On The @ Symbol

I’m not into Twitter.  Wait… Let me clarify.  I’m on Twitter, but I’m not into it.  I don’t understand what it’s all about.  Seriously, I must be doing something wrong because it makes no sense.  I’m very confused.

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Are you following me or am I following you?  Who exactly does the @ symbol represent?

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Did I tweet that or did you retweet what I tweeted?  What’s a tweet anyway?  And, trending?  How the hell do you get to be trend-worthy?  #hashtagWTF?

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The only reason I have a Twitter account is because I was told it would be good for the blog.  If I knew how to utilize it efficiently I guess it would help except I’ve never seen so many ridiculous symbols used at the same time in a single sentence.  It gives me a headache.  It’s like the entire universe vomited pound signs and squiggly lower case a’s all over the Internet.  If for no other reason, I suppose Twitter is a good place to cut those pound signs loose and go crazy.  #hashtagoverload

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Should you be inclined, click here to #followmeontwitter.   You can also search (I think) by my Twitter name, @SilverUnpolish.

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I’m on a mission to find more followers but I need your help!  If you tweet me, I’ll figure out how to tweet you back.  Let’s get this party started.  #subtlybegging

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#shiftinggears… It’s Time To Talk About Emojis

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Let’s all come clean.  I’m addicted.  You are too, right?  When was the last time you sent a text without using an Emoji to help get your point across?  Before this craze, if someone texted you a question, you would have to reply with words.  Now, we have Emojis to answer for us.  #moveoverhashtagtheresanewkidintown

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Whether we realize it or not, we’re all communicating via a massive game of Pictionary circa 2013 on our smartphones.  Allow me to give you a few examples.  (No worries, you won’t need a decoder to understand the gist.)

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See how much fun that was?  I bet if you’re not already hooked, you will be soon.  First, you’ll have to find the feature on your phone.  That’s the hardest part.  When you know where it is, you’ll be raring to go.  Once you start you won’t want to stop!   #emojisjunkie 

#JUSTTOLETYOUKNOW… Obviously, I’m making up for lost time since I was late jumping on the bandwagon with hashtag mania.  I’m certainly still behind when it comes to taking advantage of everything that Twitter has to offer but I’m trying to catch up slowly.  Because I’m not always well versed with what’s currently trending, I’m sure it’s safe to assume that I’m missing out on stuff I don’t even know exists.  However… There is something that has me curious.  It’s new (for me at least) and I have a suspicion it’s likely to become my next big obsession.  I’m wondering if any of my unpolished friends are into it too.  Let me know.  I want to hear what you think.  #leaveacommentbelow or click here to #findmeonfacebook or click here to #tweetme.  


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12 responses to “#Hashtaghuh?

  1. Really funny comments. I try not to hashtag 95% of the time because I see people over using it and it annoys me. I also dont’ get Twitter. I used to follow news sources, or brands I like but then some random person will start following me in hopes of me following them back and then I just get … annoyed. In terms of getting followers … I had a blog for 6 months and a few things helped. I was (am) on Bloglovin which is an awesome blog reader service. I think it’s WAY better than Google reader. I put the Follow Me on Bloglovin logo on my blog and it literally took me from 18 followers to 80+ within a month. Also I commented on people’s blogs a lot and wrote a sincere comment, followed with “stop by and check out my post some time …” and I got a lot of new followers that way. Hope that helps 🙂 I haven’t updated my blog in months but i included the URL for you

    1. Thanks for the tips Julie… I will definitely stop by and check out your blog too. As far as ‘some random person following me in the hopes of me following them…’ well, at this point, #beggarscantbechoosers so I’m cool with it! Ciao for now- Silver

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