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That's Funny!

It’s not a shock that when I’m having a rough day I love me some good scotch.   It’s also not a coincidence that my pharmacist and I are on a first name basis.  BUT…. I still believe that laughter is the best medicine. 

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Nothing makes me feel better than a good belly laugh.  If something is so funny that I end up with a case of the hiccups, it’s bonus!

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 I hope we can all agree that maybe it’s time to move on from the overused Laugh Out Loud (LOL) response.  When I see or read something that makes me crack up, I typically say to myself, “that’s funny.”  Now, when I get a humorous email or text message, I find myself replying with a “that’s funny” (TF) instead of a LOL even if I still do laugh out loud.

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I’ve added a new category on the blog titled, THAT’S FUNNY so I can share things I come across that I think are hilarious.   If you see or read something that’s funny, please feel free to email it to me. If I think it’s funny too, I’ll repost it on my website.  Obviously, the wittier and grittier the better!

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Last week my friend Karen posted a picture on Instagram and my immediate reaction was, THAT’S FUNNY!  Her comment was even funnier and I realized how much I appreciated her (warped) sense of humor.  With her permission, I’m sharing the photo so all of my unpolished friends can LOL too!   Let me know if you get the hiccups! 

thats funny redo
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See, That’s Funny, right?

Just in case you couldn’t figure it out, Karen’s the one photo bombing in the pink shirt.   I wonder who had the toughest workout out of the three of them!




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5 responses to “That's Funny!

    1. Um, yah. I’d say that’s pretty freakin’ hilarious! Maybe I’ll start to use PFH in addition to TF!

  1. I think our out of control hysteria during inappropriate times is our connection to side splitting behavior. And I love every minute of it. Dad

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