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"Everything Changes & Nothing Stays The Same; But As I Grow Up, One Thing Does Remain."

It would take forever to type the countless quotes about how everything in life changes and nothing stays the same.  To some degree the famous sayings are all true.  However, as I grow up one thing does remain, and that is the love I have for my Dad.

Last June I published the blog titled, “Homage to 81” in honor of my Dad’s birthday.  I loved writing it for him and needless to say, he loved reading it.

I can’t believe an entire year has gone by….. Today he turns 82!

repost homage to 81 at 82

When we spoke this morning I wished him a Happy Birthday but I told him that he shouldn’t expect anything new on the blog for his 82nd!  I’m sticking to that;  There’s no new blog because my feelings about my Dad don’t change.  As I grow up, they only remain!

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… What I will do instead, is re-post the original entry.  If you missed it or want to re-read last year’s Birthday Blog for my Dad, click here for “Homage to 81.”


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4 responses to “"Everything Changes & Nothing Stays The Same; But As I Grow Up, One Thing Does Remain."

  1. You never cease to surprise me. I’m the luckiest dad in the world,and you are the best daughter a dad could have.

  2. Happy birthday Howard. You know how much we love you. Rich doesn’t visit just any body in Florida. Many many more. xoxo

    PS. Your daughter writes one awesome blog!

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