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The Camp Blog PART TWO: The Trunks Are Packed, So Now What?

camp blog 2 trunks outside
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Okay, so I got the trunks packed.  Yes, getting all the crap together in preparation for packing the trunks was the biggest pain in ass ever but honestly, once that part was done the act of actually putting the shit into the trunks wasn’t that bad.  I mean, it’s not rocket science.  Believe it or not, I kinda liked it.

You see, when I realized this was an opportunity for me to capitalize on my Type A, anal retentive neurotic-ness, I went completely ape shit OCD crazy and packed the trunks in a method I deemed to be so efficient and with such precision that I’m convinced the counselors will take one look and know without question that these trunks belong to a brand new camper whose Mom is fucking psychotic!

Oversized Ziploc bags labeled in detail and organized by specific type and quantity were just the start.  I left notes in every zippered compartment and inside every sneaker.  I taped instructional tips to the interior of the stationary clipboard so that my kid knows exactly where the pre-stamped and pre-addressed letters will be that I’ll anxiously be awaiting to read.  Finally, I couldn’t resist Sharpie-ing the loving reminders (err, more like threats) on every one of the plastic bags of toiletries that I triple packed to brush and to use not just the body soap but also the face soap!

camp blog 2 trunk stuff
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I told you, I’m fucking psychotic.

Sending Your Kid To Camp BEFORE CAMP.  Seriously, WTF?

Since schools here in Florida end the first week in June, there’s about three full weeks before the kids leave for Sleep-away camp.  Some parents here in SoFla send their kids to various local, specialized camps prior to sending them off for the real seven week camp adventure.

My Friend:  “What is Ben doing before camp?  Did you sign him up for anything?

Me:  “What? No. Sign him up for what?”

My Friend: “Well, don’t you have three weeks before he leaves?  You’re not gonna send him to a camp?  What’s he gonna do everyday if you don’t put him somewhere?”

Me:  “So you’re saying I should send him to camp before he goes to camp?

My Friend: “Well, yah I guess.  He’ll drive you crazy if you don’t. There’s a by-the-week basketball camp and I heard there’s a cool surf camp.  I bet he’d love surf camp.”

Me:    “Oh, I bet he would but I’m not paying to send him to camp when I just paid a million dollars to SEND HIM TO CAMP!  He can hang out with me and shoot hoops on the driveway.  He can watch TV about surfing on ESPN if and he likes it enough he can practice in our pool.”

The only thing more annoying than being asked what my kid is doing before he leaves for camp is being asked what I’m doing once he leaves for camp.

Another Friend:  “What are you doing this summer when Ben’s away?”

Me:  “What am I doing this summer?”

Friend: “Yah.  What are you doing?  Are you going to Europe?”  What trips do you have planned?”

Me: (Attempting to simultaneously laugh out loud and roll my eyes at the same time) “Am I going to Europe?  Ummm, noooo.  No plans for Europe.  I’ll be lucky if my travel plans include dinner outside of the Palm Beach county  zip code.”

I’m still in financial shock over the cost of Sleep-away camp so obviously there won’t be any excursions that require a passport.  That said, I’m just grateful to be able to scrounge up enough cash for the round trip airline ticket(s) to see my kid on Visiting Day!


I’ll admit it:  Three weeks is a long fucking time to be without structure.  The funny thing is that my kid is doing quite well without the structure… Me, not so much!   I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a normal routine because my son has been attached to my hip every single day since school’s been out.  We’ve had about a thousand “goodbye playdates” with friends and just as many “goodbye dinners” with family.  We’ve even had second and third “so long…farewell for real this time” playdates and dinners with the same groups of people because THREE WEEKS IS A LONG FUCKING TIME TO WAIT TO LEAVE FOR CAMP WITHOUT ANY STRUCTURE!


Not gonna lie:  I’m all worked up about my kid leaving for camp.  I’m sad for me and nervous for him. I’m expecting to be a certifiable, hot mess until I know that he has safely arrived at camp, settled in, made new friends and is happy.  We’ve had multiple Mother-Son talks about what to expect in those first few days.  I thought my spiel was awesome until I finally got around to reading the letter that came in the mail with the heading: THE WORST POSSIBLE THING YOU CAN SAY TO AN ANXIOUS CHILD.

camp blog 2 letter from camp

Suffice it to say, telling my son that I will miss him more than anything in the whole wide world is a big no-no!  Further, I probably shouldn’t have asked him forty-two times if he’s gonna miss me as much as I’m gonna miss him and I definitely should have avoided  the whole topic on giving him an option to come home early if he doesn’t like camp!  According to the letter I got, that would be classified as a camp failure of epic proportions.  WHOOPS!  Next time the mail comes, I’ll be sure to open it in a more timely manner.


I’ve written blogs in the past about being old fashioned.  Specifically, putting a stamp on an envelope and mailing it in lieu of using alternative electronic means.  Bearing that in mind, I’m hoping you can appreciate my frustration over something that recently has been brought to my attention.


Nowadays you can send eLetters to camp by way of CampStamps.  CampStamps are credits you can purchase to communicate with your camper and vice versa.  Essentially, one dollar per CampStamp will allow you to read a received eLetter from your child or allow your child to read an eLetter that you have written (a.k.a. typed via email) to them.

Sorry, but an eLetter?  If that’s not ridiculous enough, I’ve been informed that for an additional one CampStamp you can send SmartWords, which add age-appropriate vocabulary words to your email.  I mean, SmartWords?  Reallllllly?  Come on!!!!!!!!

Obviously, I will NOT be buying CampStamps; I will NOT be sending eLetters and thank you very much but I think I’m smart enough to come up with my own list of vocabulary words!  I will be hand writing my child using paper and pencil and envelopes with real stamps that I’ve purchased at the post office.  However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad bit curious to test the system and see how many CampStamps I would need in order to use the fancy SmartWords to communicate something like: “YOU BETTER BE BRUSHING YOUR TEETH!”

Denial Ain’t Just A River In Egypt

OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGG, is it really happening?  Is the dragged out, three week, lame duck status really over?  Is he really getting on that airplane without me and leaving for Sleep-away camp in two days.  TWO DAYS!  Really??????  Part of me is still in disbelief.  Sheer and utter disbelief.

I keep telling myself I know he’ll be fine.  He’s totally ready even if I’m not.  I don’t know what to expect at the airport but I’ll be damned if I’m not armored with a full prescription of Xanax and I won’t hesitate for a second if I feel the need to run into the closest Premier Club/First Class lounge and order myself a glass of wine regardless if the time of day is nowhere near 5pm.  A Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do.

camp blog 2 silver oak

My little baby is leaving for the first time but I know in my heart he’ll return to me in August with a new set of skills, new lessons learned and an entire summer worth of invaluable experiences that will help to transform him into even more of the little mensch than he already is.  After all, isn’t that what camp is all about?

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… As neurotic as I admit to being, I have promised myself that there is no one I want to be LESS than that Mom who is a prisoner to the REFRESH BUTTON!  I can’t think of anything more torturous than having to sift through thousands of online photos of strange children whose names and faces I don’t know in an effort to catch a glimpse of my kid.  Experienced friends of mine who have been down this road before tell me I’m nuts for thinking I will not succumb to the madness.  They are convinced I will stalk the camp website like every other pariah parent who is desperate to see of an arm or a leg or a partial ear lobe of what could possibly be their offspring.  What do you think?  Will I be that pariah parent?  I’ll know soon enough and  I’ll be happy to share how things shake down for me in my next post titled, The Camp Blog Part THREE: The Truth About The Refresh Button.   Stay tuned…….

Until then, Happy Summer 2014

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17 responses to “The Camp Blog PART TWO: The Trunks Are Packed, So Now What?

  1. Oh Silver… you will succumb to the refresh button. I never thought I would but I have!
    Explains why I couldn’t sleep last night. The photos had not been uploaded yet so there I was at 3am overjoyed to find the new pics that I analyze for hours. Good times!!

  2. Great post! I think Ziploc should seek copyright on a tagline about being the official camp trunk-packing plastic bags for neurotic/crazy moms everywhere. I never even knew that double XL existed till last week. Now I’m a convert. Also, just snail-mailed my first letter from the post office today to daughter at camp – hope it arrives before she does in Maine. Off to finalize plans for the last supper(s) – aka the final meals for the next 4 nights (ha – as if they’ll be eating prison food there – camp cuisine today is prob. better than what I’d be serving her at home).

  3. You make me laugh and cry all in one blog and my kids are from going to camp. Good luck at the airport. He’s going to do great! xo

  4. You are so funny with your ziploc’s! Your organization skills are worthy of a cameo in the sequel to Sleeping With The Enemy!

    Btw Camp before camp?! Loved it.

  5. Yes, You will succumb to the refresh button and over analyze every photo until Andy tells you to stop or he’s moving out. Yes, you will stalk the mailman every day to see if there is a letter. Yes, you will probably send a campstamp (We call them bunk notes) because you know that he’ll get the letter the next day. Especially when you see him in the same t-shirt in every photo for a week. You will have the urge to send an email asking why he is wearing it instead of the 27 other shirts that you packed.

    Yes he will have fun. Yes, you will miss him way more than he will miss you. Yes, you will need xanax until you know that the plane has arrived and he is physically at camp (go see a stupid movie after the drop off, it will kill some time that you won’t be on the flight tracker tracking the plane like a lunatic)

    You’ll survive. As a former camper, you know that he is going to have the best time ever so just try to enjoy the silence that will be your house with just one kid home.

    1. @ I know you are soooooooo right. Thanks for your reply. You made me laugh, which you know I always love to do. Don’t think I forgot about our long overdue plans though… That will get me out of the PB county zip code for sure! xox

  6. Had the best laugh at your picture of the marked ziplock baggie! Now that’s organization! Just yesterday, my son says, “Mom, I didn’t have enough clothes last year, so I had to wear dirty stuff from my laundry bag.” My reply, “Uh-hello (insert sarcasm), do you think you could have told me that BEFORE your trunks left this house!!!” Anyway, enjoy your summer, because he will surely be enjoying his!!!

  7. Europe sounds great! Ben will have the best summer and we will make it through the departure in one piece..

  8. RS, Love you, but you will be on the webcam every free second you have…and for sure it will be on your iPhone…oh yeah, start buying those Ecamp stamps!
    LOL!!!! Great Blog…Can’t wait!!!

  9. Maybe we would all feel better if I went with Ben to see that he is properly taken care of , happy , eating and sleeping well. Do any of the other children bring their great aunt to camp?

  10. loved this rachel – your type A OCD skills are beyond words – in the good old days we were sent to CDG with a big fat trunk – that’s it – no zip locks, no organization – nothin! But what i wouldn’t give for ONE month back there – Camp is a magical place & your kid is Lucky to be going —xoxoxoxo

  11. So Silver are you stalking the photos online yet? I admit I have become a stalker waiting for the photos !!

    1. I swear I haven’t. I actually find it annoying. I am sticking true to my word and not succumbing. Plus, my husband has been doing enough stalking for both of us! Actually easier that way…. he does all the work, and I just check “favorites” when he says there’s a Ben sighting!!!!!

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