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Dear Hot European Photographer Guy At Starbucks:


Don’t worry about me.  Really,  I’m fine.  It’s totally okay you didn’t even blink in my direction while approaching the table of beautiful, nineteen-year-old girls who were sitting next to me.  They were beautiful, indeed.  I’ll give you that.  I know you couldn’t let the opportunity pass by without telling them they should pursue a modeling career.  I mean, it would be a crime otherwise.  That’s why you were here at Starbucks in the first place right?  It’s your job.  This is your office.  You come to scout out the fresh, young talent.  I get it.

I didn’t want to be America’s Next Top Model anyway.  Seriously, I didn’t.  I don’t.  Runway coach Miss J. would most likely change around my whole catwalk and I hear Tyra is a raging bitch.  Our personalities would clash, and the relationship would no doubt become contentious.  I don’t need that in my life.

However, when you were fumbling over your words and searching frantically for a pen to exchange cell phone numbers, I would have happily put down my Asiago & Cheddar Pretzel to loan you one of mine.

N-N-NO… Reallllly.  Stop.  I’m fine.  It doesn’t count if you ask to borrow a pen now.  Don’t turn this around to make me feel badly that you feel badly.  That tactic only works on someone who’s oh I don’t know… nineteen?!?

But Mr. Photographer, I’m just wondering…out of curiosity, would things have been different had I ordered the Cranberry-Orange Scone?  I was debating back and forth before making my final decision.  Yah, that’s gotta be where I went wrong.  I probably should’ve gone for the scone.  It’s the more European choice;  More so than the cheese pretzel but what can I say?  When I fly by the seat of my pants my gut instinct always picks the more unpolished option.  I bet if models ever actually ate food, they’d eat a scone.

See, it’s better that I stay undiscovered.

The dietary restrictions of this job are already making me bent out of shape.  Literally.  The pretzel was beyond.  I could never give that up.  I tasted both the asiago AND the cheddar cheese.  I know, I was shocked too!  I figured the flavor would lean more towards the cheddar with only a hint of asiago, so you can imagine what a bonus it was when the asiago held its own.  Winning!

So Mr. Hot European Photographer Guy, let’s not drag this out any longer.  Though you drive a hard bargain, I don’t think this modeling thing is for me.  I appreciate the offer.  Really I do.  I’m flattered.  Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to take a pass.  All this negotiating has worked up my appetite into something fierce.  I think I better get on line to beat the late afternoon rush of caff-“TEENS”; or caff-“feigns.”  You KNOWWWW what I mean!? 

I’m crossing my fingers there’ll be a hot batch of cheese pretzels by the time I make it to the counter, and for your sake, here’s hoping those (hot batch of) girls you stalked today get permission from their parents before calling you back!

Unpolishedly Yours,


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