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Unpolishedly Put: Why You Need An iPhone!

iphone header

Got a minute?  Are you alone?

We need discuss the deal with your phone.

 Since you wouldn’t convert on your own volition

 I’m taking control and changing tradition.

The goal isn’t to create added tension

But consider this an unpolished intervention!

It’s time to leave the Prehistoric Ages

So that we can be on the same pages.

No other way to say this except unpolishedly….

 “Flip phones are soooooo last century!”

iphone filp
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I’m putting my foot down.  Enough is enough

Say your goodbyes to the dinosaur stuff.

Don’t make a scene or put up a fight

As I list the reasons why I am right.

Sit back and listen.  Pay close attention

As I speak from a place of love and affection.


You won’t believe what the iPhone can do

Which is why I’ll unpolishedly spell it out for you:


It’s an alarm clock, a stop watch, there’s sounds galore

It’s not just a phone but so very much more!

iphone alarm

Your E-mail and Calendar and Contacts combined

Organized together and easy to find.

Speaking of E-mail I should probably mention

I’m aware that to some it’s a point of contention.

I’ve respectfully heard some people say

“I can’t take the risk of a message delay.”

Have iPhone faith and soon you will see

The mail does transmit from ANY city!

iphone email

Another issue that has me totally perplexed


One of the basic tools of the iPhone foundation

It’s the popular choice among the entire nation.

Communicate your message without saying a word

 It’s the single greatest invention that’s EVER occurred!!!

My prediction is soon you’ll unpolishedly be

 An iPhone text pro who uses Emojis!

iphone emoji


There’s hundreds of Apps… (that’s code for application)

You can check the Weather for your next vacation.

iphone paris weather

You can find a restaurant and review their menu

Or take a virtual tour of the actual venue.

And if it’s too dark at the table or the print is too small

A Flashlight can help once you download and install.


Pick a golf course and make a tee time

Set up a lesson on the drop of a dime.


Keep an eye on Investments so you know when to sell

In the morning, after lunch or at the closing bell.

The upticks and downticks you can follow them all

Stocks and bonds and puts and calls!

iphone stocks

In the blink of an eye you’ll have the tech lingo down

Safari isn’t just something you do while in Cape Town!

iphone safari def

Essentially a computer in the palm of your hand

There’s Google, and iTunes and a personal Newsstand!

Read The Herald, The Times, The Wall Street Journal of course

Whatever you need, there’s always a source!

iphone newstand

 There’s Music and Videos and YouTube for free

The sky is the limit on what you can see.

There’s Navigation and Mapquest should you ever get lost

It comes with the iPhone at no extra cost!

iphone maps

Got an interest to know what Movies are playing?

There’s an App to see what the critics are saying.


ESPN SportCenter for current game stats

Who’s winning, who’s losing and who’s up to bat.

You want it, you got it… Just download with care

The Dolphins; The Giants; The Chicago Bears.

iphone sports center

If soccer’s your thing since you’ve been a kid

Why not download an App that’s live from Madrid?

But there it’s called Football; That’s what they say

Tomato, tomahto as long as they play!


Are you stuck and can’t find what you’re looking for?

Just search it out at the Apple Store.

A tap on the icon is all it will take

Trust me, I promise it’s a piece of cake!

Toddlers and tweens are all in the mix

Even my kid can do it, and he’s only six!

So don’t be a martyr.  Just give it a try

I know you will LOVE it.  Why would I lie?


Whatever the topic, write down a list

Because I assure you an App does exist!

 For instance: the government’s plan for state legislation

It’s very exciting for marijuana legalization!

So you know those aches you’ve been complaining about?

Welllllllll, now you no longer will have to pout.

Type in the details and pinpoint your pain

 Leafly will then find you just the right strain!

iphone leafy

Wanna lose weight or need help managing fat?

Obviously there’s an App for that!


Express your thoughts be it sassy or sweet

Log on to Twitter and shout out a tweet! 

iphone tweet

If you’re feeling bitchy or extra perturbed

Switch the iPhone to DO NOT DISTURB!

iphone do not disturb

For pictures the Camera is second to none

And then it gets better with Instagram fun.

Removing the red eye or cropping the shot

Changing the filter or perhaps maybe not!

The options are endless with what you can do

It’s hip and fresh and brand spanking new!

Looking at friends’ pics won’t be a drag

Just show ’em your own and get in on the brag!

But here’s my advice, I’ll say it OUT LOUD


And should you pull up a Website you don’t want anyone to see

Remember to click under Settings and Clear History!

iphone safari settings clear history

If there’s ever a time you need more than a voice

You can break out the FaceTime;  It’s another great choice!


And then you’ll be current!  Finally part of the trend

The iPhone is certain to be your best friend.

When you’re ready to admit what I already know

I can’t wait to say that “I told you so!”


But in the meantime explore at a comfortable pace

You don’t have to rush;  It’s not meant as a race.


JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…  I’m here to assist with areas of concern

By asking questions is how you will learn.

Keeping an unpolishedly open mind will help to see

That at your fingertips there’s A through Z!

Scroll down your Contacts;  Look for S. U. P.

That’s Silver Unpolished… NOW YOU CAN CONTACT ME!!!!!

IPHONE sup contacts


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    1. And how exactly will you be sending it… By horse and buggy?
      If you had a phone that wasn’t circa 1982, it would get to her faster. Just saying……

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