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Today I stumbled upon an article in the New York Times written by contributing Op-Ed writer, Pamela Druckerman, titled What You Learn in Your 40s.

I related to pretty much every single word she wrote so I reposted it on my Facebook page in the hopes that more of my fellow forty-ish year old peers would also identify with the piece.

I think it’s spot on and I have a hunch you will think it’s spot on too.

For those who are just shy of your fourth decade, consider yourself forewarned or maybe now slightly more prepared or actually maybe just grateful; grateful that someone is giving you a heads up as to what to expect in your forties so you’re not blindsighted when you get there.

For those who have already been there done that, and have graduated from the decade at hand, I’d love to know if you agree with Druckerman’s point of view.


JUST TO LET YOU KNOW ONE LAST THING THREE MORE THINGS…  Here are my favorite quotes from the article:

1. “There are no grown-ups……….Everyone is winging it.”

2. “There are no soul mates.  Not in the traditional sense, at least. ……….Soul mate isn’t a pre-existing condition.  It’s an earned title.  They’re made over time.”

3. “By your 40s, you don’t want to be with the cool people; you want to be with your people.”

I hope you take a minute and read the article in its entirety.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  Ciao for now…


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4 responses to “JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…

  1. Like you, on of my favorite take away statements was “There are no grown ups”. Approaching 32 this March I’ve been waiting for the moment when I would finally feel like a grown up. I guess it’s good to know now that it won’t ever fully happen and I’m not suffering from some Peter Pan syndrome, but man, would it be nice if I didn’t LOOK like a grown up :/
    Great read. Thanks for sharing.

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