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It's The ADULTS Who Put The BAR In Mitzvah!

Saturday night I went to a Bar Mitzvah.  It was a freakin’ blast.  As if my aching feet weren’t reminder enough of how much fun I had, yesterday my witty friend Robin who was also there, sent me an email recapping her perfectly unpolished version of the evening.  It’s too good not to share.  I hope you enjoy Robin’s take on the night:

When A Boy Becomes A Man, Adults Act Like Children 

Written by: Robin Saks

A good Bar Mitzvah is like therapy.  When the son of dear friends became a man this past weekend, the celebration was just what I needed.  My family and I had just returned from an action packed family vacation a few days before the event and were still trying to recover physically and mentally.  

I’m normally pretty even-keeled but our week away included many emotional highlights (Statue of Liberty! Kids skiing! Old friends!) and a few major low points (Son’s dog bite! Lost iPhone!)  

Truth be told, we were kind of wishing the Bar Mitzvah was on a night when we had more time to recover.  Plus, I’m not the type of girl that loves dressing up as I usually feel like a man in drag by the time I’m done with the hair, the makeup, the dress and the high-heeled shoes. 

So my husband and I dragged ourselves to the synagogue with about as much enthusiasm as we usually reserve for shiva calls and tax time.  But, once the religious part of the ceremony ended our unpolished selves kicked it into high gear.

There’s almost nothing I love more than an open bar except possibly an open bar combined with unlimited finger foods.  Within a few short minutes, I’d managed to consume a few drinks, about a half a flock’s worth of lamb chops, chat with friends including Miss Silver Unpolished herself and felt happy and energized.

We danced hard all night long to everything from Neil Diamond to Rob Base.  I literally threw my hands in the air and waved them like I just didn’t care.  Because I didn’t.  I felt carefree and happy and so did everyone around me.  Combine free drinks with loud 90s jams, add a dash of young muscled dancers and it’s highly probable you’re going to get on that dance floor and shake what your Momma gave you.  My friend Nicole and I were laughing all night long, we were dancing like sweaty fools with our better halves and just felt great.  The Bar Mitzvah was exactly what I needed to shake off my funk.  My husband and I loved dressing up in the prop hats and sunglasses and taking a zillion silly selfies.  Just to celebrate life and have pure fun was rejuvenating.  And a vodka-fueled dance party beats a pressed juice and yoga detox for me any day!

Robin Saks Frankel has written for various publications and blogs including TravelZoo, The Honest Company, New York Family, Macaroni Kid, Big City Moms, BornFree and more.  Follow her on Instagram @robinsaks

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… I can fully attest that Robin’s recap of the aforementioned evening is spot on.  I personally witnessed her literally throwing her hands up in the air and I can tell you she fo sho waved them like she didn’t care!  For a Jewish white girl, the mad skills she exuded while shaking what her Momma gave her was quite impressive!  I’m fairly certain all that dancing helped to work off the umpteen lamb chops I saw her slam down during the cocktail hour.  For the record, any chick who doesn’t think twice before gnawing on a bone while decked to the nines in fancy clothes automatically earns my respect and an unpolished two thumbs up!  Way to go Robin!

Speaking of two thumbs up, I gotta give a shout out to Ross Bielejeski, (ROSS B) Event Host, DJ, President and Founder of Rock With U Entertainment.   Let me put it this way… Ross knew exactly how to get this party started and when it was time for the night to wrap, nobody wanted to leave.  He had everyone channeling their inner Rihanna as they begged, “Please Don’t Stop The Music. Please Don’t Stop The Music.  Please Don’t Stop. Please Don’t Stop. Please Don’t Stop The Music!”

Oh and another thing.  He’s certainly got the Moves Like Jagger alright!  Ross and his unpolishedly smokin’ hot crew can Rock With ME any damn time they want to!

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3 responses to “It's The ADULTS Who Put The BAR In Mitzvah!

  1. It was a great night…I was quite relieved I wasn’t called out for bone gnawing. Although I am positive you both would have been impressed by how many chocolate covered marshmallows I was able to get in my mouth before the valet pulled up my car!

  2. Your blogs are Amazing!!! You are “straight up” you say what everyone is thinking.. Thank you for being you 🙂

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