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Ten Unpolished Things I'd Rather Be Doing Other Than Post Lic Continuing Education

I’ve been trapped in a real estate post license continuing education course.  It’s a total of 40 credit hours broken down into ten sessions, four hours per sesh, three nights a week, for one month.  There’s no way around it.  It’s mandatory.  Please kill me.

The course would be bad enough if I was actively pursuing real estate but it’s doubly a pain in the ass because I’m not even selling houses.  I got my license about a year ago in the event that perhaps at some point, I might want to be an agent.  Real Estate as a career is not a passion of mine, but I thought it was important to set an example for my kids.  I wanted them to see that being their Mom meant I was more than just their personal doormat, bus driver, laundress and chef.

That said, I refuse to let my license expire which is why I’m stuck in this dreadfully boring class.  As I sit here tucked away in the back corner of the room not fully focused on the real estate mumbo-jumbo that at the moment I care not a lick about, I can’t help but to think of all the other things I’d rather be doing.

To give you an idea of my enthusiasm…

Here’s A List Of Ten Unpolished Things I’d Rather Be Doing:

1.  There is no food allowed in the classroom.  This was disturbing to hear considering I began continuing my education at 6:30pm and according to the syllabus I’m supposed to be getting educated until 10:30pm.  Don’t we get to feed our brains?  Since I guess I won’t be needing the knife I brought to cut the food I’m not allowed to eat, maybe I could use it to knife myself which will speed up my dying slowly from starvation.

2.  Instead of being here, I’d rather be stuck outside in a winter blizzard wearing nothing but a pair of flip flops and a bathing suit.  Why you ask?  Because at least I would be warmer in a snowstorm  than I am in this room right now.  The temperature inside these walls is about 40 degrees.  No matter how many times I change my seat, I still end up directly under the air conditioning vent.  I’m fucking FREEZING!

3.  I read the other day that Teresa Giudice is getting in the best shape of her life while serving time for fraud at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut.  Instead of starving and freezing my ass off in this room, I’d rather be in prison getting buff behind bars.

4.  Watching beige paint dry would be more interesting than what I’ve learned so far.  Granted, we haven’t even made it to Chapter Three but I’m guessing there’ll be little to no information that could remotely be applied to a real life situation.  I mean, whatever happened to practical hands on experience?

5.  If you know me at all, you know I’m a germophobe and I try to avoid big crowds in public places at all costs.  I LOATHE Disney World more than any human being on the planet and yet, I’m pretty sure I’d rather be waiting on an endless line… without a FastPass… in the blazing sun….at high noon… listening to my kids bitch that they’re hungry at The Magic Kingdom during Spring Break than take this continuing education course!  You think I’m kidding, don’t you?  Try me!

6. Instead of taking this course, I’d rather be in bumper to bumper traffic with a full bladder.

7.  I would rather be tortured by watching Ni Hao Kai-Lan on Nick Jr. for forty straight hours than be subjected to forty hours of continuing education torture!

8.  When I was eight months pregnant with my first son I almost went into labor while getting a Brazilian bikini wax.  Though I have no plans of being eight months pregnant ever again, I would sooner agree to arrive for my next waxing appointment without having so much as a sip of wine and/or without taking a muscle relaxer if it meant I could skip this class!

9. I enjoy doing my kids’ homework assignments almost as much as I enjoy going to Disney World.  That said, instead of taking continuing ed, I’d willingly choose to get a head start on my the 3rd grade science fair project.  The test subject could be: How Effective Are Continuing Education Classes In The Real World vs. How Has It Realllllly Helped At The Closing Table?

10.  As my friend Gwen would say, “I’d rather be having root canal than taking this continuing education course.”  I agree with Gwen; if I had root canal at least the endodontist would have to write me a script for some painkillers!

Kidding aside, instead of spending three nights a week in a cold, foodless classroom until 10:30pm I would much rather be hanging at home having a glass of wine and working on my blogs.


Even though banging my head against the wall seems more exciting than post license continuing education, I fully intend to see the course through.  If not for me, I’m seeing it through for my kids.  I’ve always taught them that when we make a commitment, we stick to it.   If I were to bail now, not only would I be a hypocrite but I’d also be a poor role model.  My lack of enthusiasm is not nearly a good enough excuse to allow myself to be either one.  Therefore, I will grin and unpolishedly bear it.

Considering the fact that I haven’t paid any attention for the better portion of tonight’s class, I can’t imagine anyone would have enough confidence in me to sell them a home or help them purchase a new one…. Hell, I wouldn’t have confidence in me either.  However, I’ve met some great people in this industry who actually do know a thing or two about real estate!  Should you find yourself needing a qualified real estate agent or mortgage broker, please let me know.   I would be more than happy to make a referral!

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Buying and selling real estate may not be my passion but my unpolished blog sure is.  I’m strongly committed to taking Silver Unpolished to another level.   Currently, I spend the majority of my days writing, networking and trying to spread the unpolished word to anyone who will listen or read!  I can’t say for sure that I know what the next step is, but I can say for sure that I won’t stop until I get there… even if that means continuing my education!

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7 responses to “Ten Unpolished Things I'd Rather Be Doing Other Than Post Lic Continuing Education

  1. Just FYI I am also taking the course now, as I do every 2 years, in my own home in front of my own computer. Try it next time. U make ur own hours & can eat /drink to ur hearts content.
    Much less painful that way!!
    Cute blog

  2. How can you spend the majority of your days writing, networking and trying to spread the unpolished word when all you seem to do is watch TV?

    1. @RBB one of my many talents is my ability to be a multi-tasker. Albeit my tasks are unpolished, I can do many things at once.

  3. I hear ya. My husband has his license and has had it for 20 years. He dreads these continuing ed classes every time he has to take them. He always waits until the very last minute.

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