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I thought today would be an appropriate time to repost the blog I wrote back in July when the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was first released.

Nobody likes to hear, “I TOLD YOU SO” however since the movie hits theaters today I want to make it clear that I stand by my original opinions (albeit unpolished) on this movie.

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I’m quite certain this flick will lack luster and disappoint all the sex crazed Christian Grey fans out there.

The reviews are terrible (as I suspected) and there’s been one spoof after another on the late night talk show circuit.

Christian: “This is my playroom”

Anna:  “You mean where you play Xbox?”

Apparently, that’s a real line from the movie.  I don’t know about you, but that hardly excites me in a sexual way.  I can’t even type the words without laughing.

Here’s the link to re-read my original blog on the topic.  CLICK HERE TO READ FIFTY SHADES OF CALM DOWN, IT’S JUST A TRAILER! 

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… I’m not seeing the movie tonight, and I’m definitely not seeing the movie tomorrow night.  Personally, I don’t get wrapped up in all the Valentine’s Day hoopla but I know that millions of people do.  That said, I’m wishing all my unpolished peeps a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Whatever your definition of “getting lucky” may be, I hope you get it unpolishedly! 

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  1. ok wordsmith, thank you very much. I would rather go to a measles party than see this dreck with 75 of my closest boca bitches or a Hadassah yentafest event on a Saturday night. sex and the city parties ruined it for me 5 years ago,
    heres a suggestion for your next post or for one in the future. homonyms, homophones, and people just plain old not getting your fucking point! remember when Kramer asked jerry to pick up the ‘cubans’??? something like that. I know your mind …speak to me, humor me.
    sincerely, donna chang!

  2. Yes, I admit it, I went, last night. I had the lowest of the low in expectations. I was correct to do so. I was literally falling asleep. The movie was devoid of any “plot” the book put in the middle of all that sex. It was just all sex scenes. I’ve seen enough boobs to last me a while, considering I have a pair of my own. When it was over, the theater was disappointed because it just went to black and left people confused, I got up and my back hurt. So either this is a sign of my growing age or the movie wasn’t good. Also, I did not appreciate how much Dakota Johnson reminded me of Kristen Stewart.

    1. @Tara… “i was literally falling asleep.” great line. “my back hurt.” even better line. But to clarify, I am all for the sex scenes. I just don’t need to pay to watch zero chemistry C- sex scenes in a germ infested movie theatre with a group of strangers when I can watch A+ sex scenes that I choose in the comfort of my own home online or on tv for FREE!

  3. 50 shades of silver – nice to see you finally going against the grain and not kissing up!!!!! I hate all the hype about anything hyped – -I prefer finding hidden gems ….. like sogno salon!

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