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Ding Dong This Bitch Ain't Dead

Nope, I’m not dead; but thanks so much for the concern!

Some of the messages I’ve recently received have been nothing short of unpolished:

“Is the blog dead?”

“No blog for two weeks…Nirvana.”

“You ever comin’ back?”

“I miss you…. Not!”

“When’s the next blog?” 

“Haven’t heard from you in a while…Have you lost your blogger balls?”

 The best part about these messages is that they’ve come more from the haters than my supporters.

Go figure!

I know you miss me, even if you have an unpolished way of showing it.

To reiterate: Nope, I’m not dead; but thanks so much for the concern!

I’ve actually been trying to catch my breath and get back into the swing of things.

You see, I was away for Spring Break with my family.  Nothing says utterly unpolished quite like the real, original Silver clan trekking to Mexico together.  I’m pretty sure we left our mark (and our livers) in Riviera Maya.  I needed a week or so to flush out the tequila from my veins before I hit up the blog again.

Literally, The Unpolished Silvers. In Every Sense Of The Word!
The Unpolished Silvers TRYING To Polished Up Our Act!

Now that my body has readjusted back to the usual Dewars on the rocks, I’m ready to jump in.

So here I am!

Not dead.  I haven’t fled.  As a matter of fact, I’m now focused on getting ahead.

Yup, that’s right!  I’m focusing on getting ahead.  Silver Unpolished turns two years old next week and I’m not a baby anymore.  I’m a terrible toddler who has completely lost her patience!  I’ve been having full blown meltdowns and unpolished temper tantrums because I’m sick and tired of this blog costing me an arm and a leg to maintain with no return.

What?  You thought this was free?   HA!  Now That’s Funny!  #TF

This morning I finished going through my 2014 records for my accountant so I can attempt to write off my unpolished losses.  When I calculated the bottom line of dollars spent on this blog I can assure you nobody was laughing.   Rather than #TF, it was #NF (NOT FUNNY).

Things about to change up in here.  It’s time to step it up, otherwise I’m gonna be broke as a not funny joke!

So I’m back.  Locked and loaded.  Full throttle.  No turning back.

Ding Dong, this bitch ain’t dead!  Rather, it’s time to get unpolishedly ahead!

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…. I might be hanging on by a thread and in the red but there’s so much more I haven’t yet said, so please don’t think I’ve shit the bed and fled.  Instead, I’m determined to continue to spread the thoughts that are in my head so I can hopefully soon make some mother-fucking bread !$!$!$!$!$!$!$


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