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Just To Let You Know…. It's TWO for Tuesday!

sup happy bdy with beer and cake
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JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…. It’s TWO for Tuesday!

Silver Unpolished is officially two years old.  I know; it’s crazy, right?  We need to celebrate.  I mean, we never really need a reason to celebrate but since today we actually have a reason why not wreak a little havoc and have some unpolished fun?

SUP Shhh it's havoc
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I’ve already got the ice cream

sup supermarket frozen sec
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SUP supermarket 3 icecream
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SUP supermarket icecream 2
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I spent plenty of time picking out the wine

sup wine pics
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sup wine asile 2                                      sup wine asile

And I’m all set with the snacks…. I even threw in some Funyuns!   

SUP supermarket 1
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SUP supermarket 2
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I always have cold beer on hand…. Literally.

sup beer hand at pool
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And there’s cake.  Obviously, there’s cake!

SUP Cake beer hat
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The only thing missing now is YOU!

It’s no fun partying alone and as I’ve told you guys a million times, the blog wouldn’t exist if not for all of my unpolished readers.  So please, let’s celebrate together!  This party is as much for you as it is for me!  I appreciate all of you; even the naysayers!  You keep me on my toes and keep my unpolished brain spinning rapidly which inspires new ideas for me to write about.

blackwhite SUP at pool
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One was fun but now that I’m two

There’s sooooooo much more we need to do!

Stick with me and you’ll see

The unpolishedness to come before turning three.

 Merchandise.  Forums.  Podcasts and more

That’s part of the plan by the time we’re four.

Got a topic in mind?  Just let me know

Chances are I won’t say no!

‘Cuz the truly unpolished are not squeaky clean

We err on the side of the more obscene!

So I’ll get the dirt and write the post

On what you care to read the most.

We gotta kick it in high gear.  Turn up the grit

For instance, here’s a question:  do you swallow or spit?

Want a blog on food or fashion?  Sports or sex?

Leave me a message or shoot me a text!

How ’bout love and marriage and/or cravings of lust

Whether single or married, you know that’s a must!

I reply to all emails.  I love hearing what’s on your mind

Most messages are great.  Others, not so kind!

But it won’t deter me.  I’m unpolishedly tough

I’ll let you know when enough is enough!

For now keep ’em coming.  I’m not going away


And Silver Unpolished is here to stay!





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16 responses to “Just To Let You Know…. It's TWO for Tuesday!

  1. Congratulations and Happy 2nd Birthday! I love reading Silver Unpolished. When I get the email telling me there is a new post I can’t wait to read it. Keep up the great job.
    Best Wishes,
    Alyson Golbois

    1. @Lemore, I’d never be able to do it without you. You’re a genius with the camera and I’m honored to have you with me for the crazy, unpolished ride!

    1. @Amy, thank you my dear friend! Two years in and Howard & you still remain neck and neck as my #1 supporters! I appreciate it so very much. xox

  2. Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great. Happy anniversary
    Silver, keep up the greatness.!

    1. @Brow-ologist….another contender for most supportive friend/reader. Thank you for always having my back… (and my brows!) xox

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