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STILL Got Yoga?!

Okay, so I know half of my readers probably saw the title of this blog and were like,“Ohhh really?  She’s back to a yoga post again?  Cool.”

I also know the other half of my readers probably saw the title of this blog and were like, “Ohhh really?  She’s back to a yoga post again?  DELETE!” 

You can’t win ’em all folks; so for today it’s about the yogis.  Sorry deleters!  I’ll hook you up next time.

A while back I published a blog that listed the twelve signs to know if you’ve been bit by the yoga bug.  It was titled, GOT YOGA?

If you missed it, CLICK HERE to catch up!

Certainly, those twelve signs apply but if you wanna find out if you are STILL being bit by the yoga bug…..

Here’s a list of SEVEN MORE signs that indicate you

STILL Got Yoga?!

1. Without even trying you now know the opening dialogue to quite a few of your teachers’ classes and you’ve committed it memory.  For instance, one of my instructors likes to begin class by saying: “Okay, let’s get started in a wide-legged child’s pose at the back of our mats.”  Another teacher commences with, “Good morning everybody.  Let’s all sit cross-legged with our feet in Sukhasana.”

2. Even though you already know exactly who’s teaching when and the times of every class offered day and night, you still double check the online schedule to be sure nothing has changed.  Nobody likes a surprise substitute when they are expecting their favorite teacher to lead the flow!

3. When you get to class early and decide to put your mat down in a different place other than your “usual spot” cuz you’re in a shitty mood and don’t want to talk to anyone, your fellow yogis assume you just didn’t show up for class.

Fellow yogi after class:  “Wait. Huh?  You were here?  I didn’t even see you!’

Me:  “I know.  I was all the way on the other side of the room.  Hiding.  On purpose.”

4. Even though the dirty laundry never ends, you always, always, always make sure there are enough clean yoga mat towels in the rotation to get through the week.  So true, right?

5. When you’ve completely gone either bat shit crazy, have had a total meltdown, turned into a psychotic, unpolished lunatic or just need a fucking break from the rat race, the first thing your spouse suggests you doing to turn things around is to go take a yoga class!

“Shit, you’re wackkkkkkked.  Go to yoga!  You need to chill the fuck out.”

6. After you’ve taken a kick-ass vinyasa with a kick-ass teacher you feel the urge to call or text a friend and tell ’em how amazing it was.  You feel the urge because you want ’em to experience the same yoga high you’re experiencing!  You insist that he or she neeedddd to try this killer class with this killer teacher because you just knowwwwww he or she will lovvvvvve every minute of it!

“Whaddup Beotch?  I just took the sickkkkkest yoga class.  We need to discuss.  I’m totally yoga stoned right now.  I’m making you come with me next week.  Don’t say no.  Call me back.”

7. Alas, no matter how exhausted or distracted you are from real life, you STILL show up, you STILL roll out your mat and you STILL do the yoga.  It may not be your strongest practice every single time, but afterwards you always feel better than you did before the flow began.  That is definitely a sign that not only do you STILL Got Yoga, but that the yoga is totally working!

Stick with it, my friends.  Stick with it.  Unpolished people like us rely on the yoga to keep ourselves in check.  Can you imagine how nuts we’d all be without it?  I can’t even!

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW….. Obviously, I STILL Got Yoga?!  Whaddabout you?


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9 responses to “STILL Got Yoga?!

  1. So f’ing true! I’m an addict. It’s all I want to do. I wish they would massage and feed me afterward. I’d stay all day.

  2. Okay, so I know half of my readers probably saw the title of this blog and were like,“Ohhh really? She’s back to a yoga post again? Cool.” I also know the other half of my readers probably saw the title of this blog and were like, “Ohhh really? She’s back to a yoga post again? DELETE!”


    1. @rbb, According to Google analytics, it was more than 1 and 1. Not much more, but more nonetheless! Always love to read your snarky comments! I knew you’d be one of the Deleters for sure!

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