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National Unpolished Day

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National Siblings Day.  That’s a thing?  National High Five Day.  That’s a thing?  National Short Girl Appreciation Day.  National Happy Husband Appreciation Day.  National Attorneys Day???  Those are real things?  What?  Those are all real named holiday-esque dates on the calendar to be acknowledged?  Since when?

According to Instagram and city of Las Vegas, April 16th, 2015 was officially named Sarah Jessica Parker Day.  I mean, I would bet my laptop that nobody loves SJP more than me but…..really????  Now there’s a day named after her?  What exactly are we supposed to do on that day…. Whip out a pair of our favorite Manolo’s and watch repeats of SATC?

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Last week the new Star Wars trailer came out.  It hit the morning news, the midday news, the evening news and it also blew up all over the late night circuit.  I couldn’t change the channel or surf the Internet without seeing a plug for this flick.  I’m surprised it wasn’t bequeathed with the title: National Did-You-See-The-Trailer-For-The-New-Star-Wars-Movie-Day!

Seriously, all these made up holidays are a little ridiculous don’t you think?

But, If You Can’t Beat ‘Em… Join ‘Em

If there truly is such a thing as “Care For Your Customers Day” and “Kids Eat For Free Day” and “National Love Your Pet Day” then fine.  I’ll play along.  I’ll be a team player.  Here goes:

Your dog is adorable.  Happy freakin’ pet day!  Are we done now?

Good, ‘cuz it’s my turn.

I think everyone deserves a day to be completely uninhibited.  Unfiltered.  Uncensored.  A day to let loose and live outside your comfort zone.  A day to push the envelope without fearing that someone will push back in such a way that will burst your bubble.  Instead of doing what you gotta, you just do what you wanna!  No questions asked.  No judgement.  No consequences.  A day to embrace your inner geek or your inner freak and be proud of what sets you apart from everyone else.  A day to feel empowered by the quirkiness of your personality in lieu of feeling like it’s wrong to be weird.  

A recognized day on the calendar to have the freedom to live life the way you see fit without the drama and guilt that is inevitably thrown in your direction from those who don’t see fit in quite the same way!

 A day to totally immerse yourself into your self.  Your true self; And celebrate who you are without hesitation; without feeling selfish about doing so; without having to look over your shoulder.  No shame.  No blame.  A day to go balls to the wall, not giving a mother-fucking fuck about anything else and just jump into a huge vat of pure, unadulterated unpolishedness!

How could anyone pass on that?  Why on earth would anyone pass on that?

Soooooooooo, I know it’s a weekday and everyone’s got shit to do and people to please but I say, Fuck it!  Why?  Because I am hereby declaring today as National Unpolished Day.  Go for it, people!  Live a little!  Actually, no!  Don’t live a little; live A LOT!  Don’t hold back.  DON’T do what you gotta…. Just do what you wanna!

Today is National Unpolished Day  

So for fuck’s sake………


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JUST TO LET YOU KNOW….  I’m fully aware we can’t live all aspects of our lives in an utterly irresponsible, unpolished way on a daily basis but I do hope to some extent, you are already living unpolishedly as often as possible!  It’s unfortunate that we live in a world that doesn’t always allow for us to throw out the real rules and play by our own rules without being criticized or worse, ostracized in one way or another.  BUT.  BUT.  BUT, BUT, BUT…  If we are cognizant of our true and inner unpolishedness and use it to our advantage just a wee bit more in the hopes that we learn it’s perfectly okay to celebrate ourselves for who and what we really are, I suspect the world would be a better place.  Albeit, a crazier and more unpredictable place but ultimately…. an unpolishedly better place after all!  



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