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My friend Melissa was kind enough to share this purely unpolished prize with me after she stumbled upon it amongst her daughter’s school papers.

Michela, age 6, had been learning about the five senses in class.  Her picture below speaks for itself and I’m pretty sure it needs no further explanation.

Whether you are purely unpolished like me or just semi-unpolished, this one is bound to trigger a “THAT’S FUNNY” reaction!

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Michela, this is priceless!

You are certainly on your way to becoming an unpolished protégé!

Unless Michela was trying to channel her inner Franck Eggelhoffer, (played by Martin Short) from Father of the Bride, I’m gonna have to assume she meant to write CAKE instead of COCK!

Here’s the classic movie clip I’m referring to about the CAKE if you need another laugh!  CLICK HERE 

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3 responses to “PURELY UNPOLISHED

  1. That was very funny. You think she likes the cheaper chicken? And you know Armani doesn’t make a blue tuxedo. Yes, I know, I know too much father of the bride.

    1. @Jeff… Classic movie. Everyone needs a Franck in their life to help plan an event and obviously choose the ccccccock!

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