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After The Laughter


I like to believe laughter is the best medicine.  I like to believe laughter always helps; and I like to believe laughter makes everything better no matter what the situation.

Sometimes I’m wrong.  Sometimes life slaps us in the face and we’re hit with a huge fist of shit that just isn’t funny.

I had a cute guest blog entry ready to post today, written by one of my unpolished gal pals.  She’s smart and funny and I know her quick wit would make you laugh.  But right before I went to click the publish button I got suckered punched with a handful of unfunniness.

Have you ever had one of those days when the news went from bad to worse to you have got to be kidding me?   It doesn’t necessarily have to be news that affects your life directly, but enough to shake you to the core and then stop you dead in your tracks.

Sometimes you find out one of your friend’s parents just got diagnosed with cancer.  Sometimes you find out that a family member’s friend’s brother needs to have some type of organ transplant in order to live.  Sometimes you find out that your friend’s husband has a friend who has a friend who has a kid who went on vacation and is now nowhere to be found.  Sometimes you find out your work colleague’s sister’s next door neighbor who has a brother was once married to a woman who had a baby and the baby is fine except the baby is not fine and nobody is fine because that baby just died.

Wait.  What????????

MY POINT IS sometimes crazy shit happens and it’s just not funny.  There is nothing to laugh about.  Nothing at all.  I desperately wanna be able to say what I say everyday which is, “there’s always a way to find the funny.”

 Except the unpolished fact is I’m not always right.

You pretty much lose your mind when you hear one fucked up story after the next after the next after the next and when that happens it gets pretty tough to find anything least of all, the funny!

I’m not exactly sure why I felt compelled to turn my unfunny day into this quick, little blog post.  I suppose on some level the writing is healing.

You know what else is healing?   Humor.

Humor is healing.  Humor helps.  Humor does make things better.

Just maybe not today!

Tomorrow, we will find the funny!

So until then……

Ciao for now!






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3 responses to “After The Laughter

  1. You’re absolutely right. As hard as we all try to find the positive and the funny, sometimes we just can’t. Never fear though….times heals as does humor, so I’m sure you’ll bring it back real soon.

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