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Two For Tuesday: Sweet & Salty Quick Picks


I’m on a food fix.  I mean, I’m always on a food fix but lately the fix has been twofold.  I can’t have the sweet without the salty and I can’t have the salty without the sweet.

To Satisfy My Fix…

Here’s My Two For Tuesday Sweet & Salty Quick Picks:

1. Trattoria Romana, located on 499 East Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton, Florida makes the best Red Velvet Cake I’ve ever had.  For most people, the portion is generously sliced ginormous enough to share with others; however I’m not most people.  I can easily slam down this sweet sliver of heaven all by my unpolished self with no help from my friends!  It’s not a competition but I’m unsure what’s better: the fluffy, moist essence with hints of almond paste marzipan in every bite or the rich, thick, velvety cream cheese frosting?  The good news is there are no losers here; the combination of both is unpolishedly perfect!  Even for my health conscious eater-readers out there, trust me when I tell you this sweet treat can’t be beat and it’s unpolishedly worth the cheat!

Red Velvet
Trattoria Romana’s Red Velvet Cake photo credit:

2.  It’s only been one year since I began frequenting Trader Joe’s in Wellington, Florida.  To me, it’s a brave, new world and one that I love.  Trader Joe’s has tons of unique snacks which I have unexpectedly but pleasantly found to pack an unpolished punch!  The Fig & Olive Crisps are a solid example of what I’m talking about!  Each bite has just the right amount of savory to compliment the precise smidgen of sweet.  It’s like getting an unpolished prize in every mouthful!  I’ll betcha you won’t find anything more unpolishedly pleasing to tempt your palate than pairing these crispy, crunchy, sweet fig and savory olive crackers with a French brie or a Boursin cheese spread!  Why not pour yourself a glass of wine and give it a try?

Trader Joes Fig n olive
Trader Joe’s Fig & Olive Crisps photo credit:

So there it is…. My Two For Tuesday Sweet & Salty Quick Picks.  I hope you’ll give my suggestions a shot and enjoy them as much as I do.  Next time you’re at Trattoria Romana or Trader Joe’s be sure to tell ’em you were sent by Silver!

Bon Appétit…..

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2 responses to “Two For Tuesday: Sweet & Salty Quick Picks

  1. Try Trader Joe’s raisin and rosemary crisps…delicious!
    Love reading your blog and trying to remember what your mom and I were like at your age!

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