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JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…. Silver Unpolished LLC has paired up with Dana Stark, owner of Stark Style, an upscale consignment boutique to bring you an evening of Sips, Snacks & Style.

Naturally, I’m in charge of the SIPS and the SNACKS while Dana, along with her chic and savvy sidekick Lisa, will be heading up the STYLE portion of the evening!

Dana, a native New Yorker, recently moved to Parkland, Florida with her husband and three daughters.  A natural born lover of high fashion, this self proclaimed shopaholic managed to parlay her addiction passion for clothes, shoes and accessories into a booming business.  By using her keen sense of style to offer advice on what’s hot and what’s not, Dana has helped hundreds of clients to up their style game!

Lisa, also a native New Yorker who has been residing in Boca Raton for well over a decade found her own success years ago through online consignment.  Her knack for selling one person’s past and turning it into another person’s present while always maintaining the highest level of discretion to protect the privacy of all parties has yielded a win-win track record for everyone.

When Dana and Lisa first met, not only did the two women immediately discover how much they had in common on a personal level, but were also blown away after realizing they shared the same professional commonality as well.  Teaming up together seemed like a no-brainer and it quickly became the next logical step!  It was a perfect unpolished match made in heaven South Florida!

Pictured From Left To Right; Dana Stark and Lisa Cohen of Stark Style

STARK STYLE:  How Does It Work?

Closet by closet, the women of Stark Style will happily come to your home by appointment and help assess what items are keepers and what items are potential money making sweepers!  What sets Stark Style apart from other online or land-based consignment stores?  The bottom line is what sets them apart!  The financial bottom line that is!  Unlike other consignment companies that price items unrealistically low solely for the intention of making a quick sale, Stark Style uses their industry expertise to price merchandise according to the fair market value which ultimately bodes well for every seller!  Stark Style clients can expect to earn between 60%-80% of the net proceeds versus the standard return of 40%-50% offered by competitors.

Their professional process is as polished as can be.  Upon agreeing to sell your gently used, pre-loved or in some cases brand new, never before been worn clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, all merchandise is meticulously itemized, verified for authenticity, accounted for in writing and sent to you, the seller, via email for record keeping.  When the sale is complete, notification is made and payment is mailed directly to the seller on a monthly basis.  Easy peasy!

STARK STYLE On The Flip Side…Once You’re Out With The Old You’ll Have Room For The New So You Can Be A Buyer Too!

Getting rid of your unpolished swag is just one end of the designer bargain!  Stark Style is an excellent resource to buy yourself that swanky luxury item you’ve been pining for at prices well below premium!  Looking for something specific?  No problem!  Dana and Lisa constantly have new inventory rolling in and are always available to scour their stash to make your fashion wishes come true!

I decided to give the Stark Style gals a peek into my unpolishedly packed closet so I could trade in the old stuff to find space for something super.  I junked some J Brand jeans, a pair of Prada penny loafers, a bunch of [Manolo] Blahnik’s and a few Fendi frocks I was finished wearing.  Though there were no other haute items I was willing to part with, I did have quite a few contemporary labels the women were certain would sell quite well.  Now my biggest dilemma lies in figuring out what to buy with the bucks I’ll be depositing!  Who wouldn’t love that kind of unpolished predicament?

Since turning over my luxury loot to Stark Style, I’ve even gotten my Mom on board!  Just last week she gave the girls a bag full of Judith Lieber’s and a bunch of Chanel suits!


Is your closet filled with piles of styles of pocketbooks that have been overlooked?  Do you have shoes you wanna lose?  Got an unworn dress to confess?  Need to unload in order to increase your current style mode?

Wanna learn more?  Come hang with me for unpolished snacks and sips while we get first hand fashion and Stark Style tips!  Dana and Lisa will have an array of their latest and greatest consignment items for your unpolished shopping pleasure!  Wednesday, October 21st @ 7pm in Saturnia; West Boca Raton, Florida.  Message me, comment below or click HERE for further details.




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