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Haute Off The Unpolished Press

I’m unpolishedly proud to be featured as Haute Human Of The Week according to an article written by my gal pal, Mara Menachem. Mara is the creative and clever mind behind Haute Drop-Off, an online source capturing fashionable school drop-offs and beyond. 

Though logistically Mara and I couldn’t be father apart; she living in Marin County on the West Coast and me in my humble East Coast abode, the geographical differences did not get in the way of our mutual excitement to examine the stereotypical “Boca Mom.” Mara, the antithesis of Boca Bling, uses her dry humor and quick wit to poke a little unpolished fun at what some may perceive to be reality here in Boca Raton, Florida!

Hey Boca Moms…. If you can stand the heat, stay in the kitchen and check this out!  

CLICK HERE: What Is This The Met Gala?  Haute In Boca

Where do you live? What goes on in your town?  Do these stereotypes bling ring a bell?

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…. For more fashion forward coverage on what’s haute at drop-off and beyond, be sure to keep up with Mara on her blog,  Haute Drop-Off and her contributing pieces in the Huffington Post.




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