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Need vs. Want

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On my morning Internet surf, I stumbled upon something unpolishedly insightful. I stumbled upon a poem by an anonymous writer; a personal expression of one’s needs versus wants. It kinda felt like a mental tongue twister; A riddle of sorts.

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Brain snack, right? A little nourishment for the mind?

The poem provoked me to reflect on my own needs and wants. I believe wanting and needing are two desires having little to do with each other yet sometimes the lines get skewed so much we forget how different they really are.

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Here’s some food for thought:  If you’ve been given everything you want does it mean you no longer have a need? Or does it make you need to want more? Conversely, if you don’t have what you need, does wanting it still make it a need? Or does it instead make it a want?

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3 responses to “Need vs. Want

  1. I absolutely love this. There is something really powerful being said through these words. I would 100% agree there is a huge difference between want and need, but truth be told I believe as humans we all need to feel wanted. Well written and great read.

    Big kiss,

    SC x

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