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An Unpolished Case Of NOWWHATITIS

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More than 200,000 cases per year

A condition which limits an individual’s ability to thoroughly focus thoughts and emotions on the here and now [relative to a particular person, place or thing] due to an internal mental dialogue with one’s self about what’s next.

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Also Known As:  What’s Next Syndrome

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Nowwhatitis Disorder is commonly characterized among people with unpolished tendencies who have difficulty maintaining feelings of contentment for long periods of time. Though most likely to be diagnosed in young adults, Nowwhatitis can happen to anyone.

NOWWHATITIS: Causes, Symptoms And Risk Factors

Each case of Nowwhatitis is different and the exact cause is not always entirely clear. Physical and environmental causes may play a role in the initial onset of the condition. Researchers allege but have no scientific data to substantiate the cause of Nowwhatitis to be genetically linked. There are however extensive studies which indicate varying degrees of Nowwhatitis do exist. The illness can range from mild to severe and can present itself in acute and chronic forms respectively.

Recognizing Signs of Nowwhatitis

Nervous System problems resulting from Nowwhatitis can lower your ability to function at high levels of efficiency.

Some recognizing signs of Nowwhatitis include but are not limited to: rapid heart rate; an increase in nervous energy; emotional and physical intensity; senses of urgency to complete tasks with extreme perfectionism; innate “dream catcher” attitudes; strong desires for achieving more regardless of current endeavors yielding enormous success.

Occasional erratic behaviors such as irritability, short temperedness, crankiness and moodiness are prevalent among sufferers. Frequent thoughts questioning What’s Next? and What Can I Do Now? to satisfy the crave of wanting more (i.e., the next best thing, the next peak, the next big high) are strong indicators for testing positive with a diagnosis of Nowwhatitis.

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In some rare cases, Nowwhatitis has been found to manifest in more than one way. Not only does the disease come in the form of repetitive “Now What” thoughts relative to the satisfaction of persons, places or things but it can also transcend into a secondary root problem. Unpolished worrisome beliefs of “Now What” subject to physical ailments of the body much like those suffering from Hypochondria can also be a derivative of underlying Nowwhatitis.

i.e., Even though the doctor ruled out a stomach virus, I still don’t feel well. Now what is it? 

The CT scan shows no evidence of a brain injury but I’m concerned it might be something serious. Now what is it?

As soon as I got the twitching to stop in my left eye, my right eye started acting up.  Now what is it?

Nowwhatitis: Treatment

Nowwhatitis is treatable. Treating this condition may involve a combination of unpolished remedies and therapy. Most people recover from Nowwhatitis with proper care while under the watchful eye of a trusted third party. Hope does exist for patients who are faced with Nowwhatitis. Long term, chronic Nowwhatitis may be handled differently than short, acute bouts of the disease. For further details on choosing the proper treatment plan for you or someone you know suffering with Nowwhatitis, contact your physician or mental health specialist.

Learning To Live With Nowwhatitis: DON’T GIVE UP

For those who’s lives have been turned upside down by chronic Nowwhatitis, Don’t Give Up!  Encourage yourself to get a daily dose of happiness in whatever capacity happiness means to you. Find fulfillment through awakening the hidden passions which lay dormant within yourself.  By examining the essence of what truly makes you tick, accepting it and following through on a rightful journey to deeply explore those wants and desires, Nowwhatitis can greatly be reduced. There’s no quick fix to curing Nowwhatitis but with a better understanding of yourself in the present moment and learning to achieve a new sense of appreciation for the here and now you can overcome this debilitating plague.

Physical and mental activities which increase endorphins and stimulate brain function are essential ways to reducing the side effects of Nowwhatitis. Routine fitness regimens, healthy eating plans, and a lifestyle enriched with love, laughter, humor, sarcasm, witty banter, mental stimulation and endless intellectual growth have all been known as effective forms of treatment.

**Important to note: While patients who seek out well-rounded, insightful and inspiring individuals who share similar passions can significantly help to keep Nowwhatitis at bay, it is in fact just a placebo effect. The reliance on others as a cure for Nowwhatitis has not been proven to be a successful measure for long term remission; instead it can increase the risk of relapse.

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Do you suffer from Nowwhatitis? You’re not alone! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Nowwhatitis, or a family member has completely and unpolishedly lost his/her mind as a result, you may qualify to participate in a free clinical research study! Please comment below as to your experience relative to living with and/or overcoming Nowwhatitis! Remember, your two cents may help someone else get a better sense of how they can nix Nowwhatitis!




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