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The Cook And The Cork


I love good food so when I find a spot that has GREAT food, I’m compelled to boast post about it! This week I had a killer meal at The Cook and the Cork in Coral Springs, Florida.

At the front of the house, I was greeted warmly by owner, Dena Blauschild. She explained the concept of the menu as being based on simple comfort food from many world influences, presented in a creative way.

I wanna share my eats with you so grab a fork and let’s dig in!

The meal began with some solid sips of Hook & Ladder 2012 “Station 10”; a red blend wine from the Russian River Valley, Sonoma CA. The blackberry, cherry and powdered cocoa flavors along with the cinnamon finish and framed with light pepper notes were pleasing to my palate. I enjoyed it enough to ask for a second glass! To see the full list of wine by the glass and the bottle CLICK HERE.

photo credit: Hook & Ladder 2012 Red Blend $13 per glass

The Cook and the Cork: NO CAPS ON THE APPS

Appetizers are everything! Sometimes apps can be more exciting than the main course so this typically becomes the part of the feast when I eat like a beast! Sweet and salty combos rarely disappoint and neither did the Cook and the Cork’s bacon wrapped dates! The saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the tender fruit was incredible. Accompanied by light greens and a orange-basil aioli dipping sauce, myself and three others had no problem scarfing down two plates of the bite sized deliciousness.

photo credit: Bacon Wrapped Dates $9 per plate


I ain’t gonna say no to rich lobster mixed with creamy white cheddar tarragon macaroni topped with hot, crunchy bread crumbs. The dish lived up to my high expectations and I proudly licked the shell clean!

photo credit: Lobster Mac & Cheese served in the shell $16.00

Why stop there? We managed to slam in an order of spare ribs braised in pear juice, Korean BBQ sauce and served with cucumber kimchee. I was too busy marking my meat to snap a shot of the full order. Sorry folks!

photo credit: Spare Ribs braised in Korean BBQ sauce $13.00

All of the starters were fantastic, but I was salivating most over the Zucchini Pancakes, Osetra Caviar and Lemon Creme Fraiche.

photo credit: Pancake & Eggs $50.00 per order. Worth every bite.

The picture above doesn’t nearly do it justice; The piping temperature of the pancakes was spot on and crisped to perfection. The smooth texture of the caviar popped in my mouth and was nicely complimented by the soft creme fraiche. My only complaint? I wanted more! Three minis on one plate didn’t quite cut it for a table of unpolished eaters!


Pappardelle Bolognese was next. Prepared using American Kobe beef, basil infused ricotta and served with roasted garlic ciabatta, this entrée absolutely hit the carb-loaded ball out out of the unpolishedly bloated park! Homerun.

photo credit: Pappardelle Kobe Bolognese, entrée $24.00

We rounded out the entrées by sharing an order of grilled lamb. Seasoned beautifully, the chops cooked to a medium pink center came with a green tomato mint chutney and rosemary roasted potatoes. [This rose]mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. [This rose]mary had a little lamb and you can be sure she was gnawing on the bone! **insert musical notes here**

photo credit: Grilled Lamb Chops entrée $34.00

The Cook and the Cork: SIDES MATTER

My excitement for sides almost rivals that of appetizers. You know you’re a grown up when ordering vegetables are a must! Sautéed brussels spouts served with dried cranberries & walnuts plus a side plate of  wild mushrooms (shiitake, oyster & cremini) steamed with miso, yuzu and sake served in paper were shoe-ins!

photo credit: Sautéed Brussels Sprouts $9 Wild Mushrooms $11.00

When I saw a side dish on the menu showcasing an herb stir-fried in extra virgin olive oil, white balsamic and topped with Reggiano cheese I had to tack it on to our order. Who knew a forkful of chives could earn some big high fives?!

photo credit: Stir Fry Flowering Chives $8.00

All the side selections were generously portioned and we were extremely satisfied with our choices.

The Cook and the Cork: DESSERT DOESN’T HURT!

Though undoubtedly stuffed to the (almost) max, no meal is complete without appealing to the unpolished sweet tooth! The large dessert selection ranged from a fudgelicious flourless chocolate cake to key lime brulée to a cranberry upside down cake with orange gelato. We skipped the apple cobbler and the chocolate stout float but agreed upon four clean spoons to share the warm cinnamon bun bread pudding with toasted oak vanilla gelato. Huge winner.

photo credit: Cinnamon Bun Bread Pudding $10.00

Finishing off my meal with a steaming cup of coffee presented on the table in a French press and you can bet the bill this non-cook was more than ready to uncork her unpolished pants!

photo credit: Hot Coffee Good To The Last French Press Drop!

Overall the meal was sensational and I can’t wait to go back. If you’re looking for a place to please your palate with plates presented to perfection, The Cook and the Cork is my latest unpolished pick!

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…. The Cook and the Cork is located at 9890 West Sample Road in Coral Springs, Florida. To see their full menu, calendar of events or to make dining reservations, please visit their website by CLICKING HERE. Don’t forget to tell ’em “Silver Sent You.”

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  1. Omg everything looks insannnnnnne! I’ve been wanting to try it. It’s going to have to wait b/c that meal will KILL my weight watchers diet! Lol. Glad you enjoyed! ?

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