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Playing Up


In an effort to enrich my soul and feed my brain with new and improved knowledge I attempt to make a conscious effort to surround myself around people who know more than I.

I like to play up so I can learn more even if it means I’m the one in the bunch who knows the least.

I’d sooner get my ass kicked on the tennis court by a player who ran me ragged than to beat an opponent who could barely return my serve.

There’s no point in taking on a mean game of backgammon with a suitor who sucks. Where’s the challenge in that?

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I can’t get better unless I play against the stronger players. The stronger players inspire me to work harder; to think harder; to push myself to the max.

This principle is universal. It applies across the board; be it a backgammon board or the Chairman of the Board.

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It’s always better to play up than to dumb yourself down.

Don’t dumb yourself down. Don’t do that. Instead, always strive to play up.

It’s the only way to win.



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