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SLOVE: The Unpolished Rapper

I’m a huge subscriber to pursuing passions and having hobbies that fed your soul. The range of interests that can tickle a person’s fancy is broadband. Some people immerse themselves into sporting activities such as golf or tennis, running, biking, skiing or surfing. Adult basketball or baseball leagues are popular among many who crave team play. Others participate in book clubs or card games to satisfy their leisurely needs. Some fly fish or bird watch or travel to far away lands in an effort to tap into the exploratory side of their being. Some get their cultural fix by museum hopping and others may be artists of their own by drawing or painting or writing in an effort to fuel their inner creative fire.

And then there are some who like to flex their theatrical muscles by performing on stage in front of an audience to get their song and dance on.

One such theatrical muscle flexer I know is in an unpolished league of his own. He has a natural ability to pump up any crowd he surrounds. His bold and bubbly personality makes him a value add wherever he goes. What is his unpolished passion you ask? He’s a rapper. Yup, a rapper!

My pal, who refers to his onstage self as SLOVE, is quite the rhyming extraordinaire.

Originally from Queens Village, New York, SLOVE now resides in South Florida. Married to my college roommate, he’s been a show stopper since the minute I met him many moons ago. To know him is to love him as his unique gigs never disappoint! Whether it’s a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, a corporate event or just a casual backyard get-together, SLOVE is not often far from center stage rocking a crisp, white, french cuff dress shirt under the vest of a three piece suit rallying the troops and getting everyone off their feet and clapping to his A capella beat box!

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SLOVE continues to entertain his family, friends, work colleagues and more times than not, absolute strangers in the most random of circumstances. He’s infamous for impromptu one-of-a-kind schticks while waiting on line at the deli counter or the dry cleaners!

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SLOVE has been an unpolished fan since I started my blog. For many years after every post I would publish, I’d get a text or a call from SLOVE, “I read your blog and it was great, but where’s my shout out?” I’m pretty convinced at this point SLOVE doesn’t really read the blogs in their entirety but he does skim every article patiently looking for my unpolished nod of awe given his spectacular talent.


JUST TO LET YOU KNOW….  if you’re reading, today is finally the day! On your 50th birthday, I’m giving you the long awaited, long overdue but surely well deserved unpolished shout out!

SLOVE, you give unpolished meaning to dancing rapping to the beat of your own drum and I applaud your charm, charisma and unparalleled chutzpah!

Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Keep dreaming. Keep performing. Keep rapping. Keeping making a difference to all the lives you touch and without a doubt, keep SLOVING.  

Sending you lots of slove on your 50th!


Silver Unpolished



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  1. Maybe he can lead off a meeting next time the suits are in town at work. I promise, I won’t miss the email on that one.

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