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An [Unpolished] Attitude For Gratitude

‘Tis the season to flex our attitude for gratitude.

The holiday season reminds us how blessed we are for what we have. The holiday season highlights all the good in our lives. The holiday season is the season that technically is intended to last three-hundred-sixty-five days a year but somehow slips through the cracks by about mid March so we double down on its importance even more now!

‘Tis the season to express gratitude right this very moment!

While gratitude for our family and friends, good health, joy, laughter, love, financial success and stability are all pretty common entities on the gratitude list, they shouldn’t be undermined. We all know how quickly our world can get twisted when a wrench is thrown our way, so we mustn’t ever take for granted these big ticket items. That said, our attitude for gratitude relative to even the slightest unpolished simplicities of life should as well, be highly valued.


*** Can you picture a world without Netflix? Gasp! or Amazon Prime? Yikes! or Hulu? Gasp again! How about even basic cable OnDemand? Never! There’s nothing basic about the option to fast forward at the click of a button and need I say the gratitude scale tips favorably at the simple notion of hearing the suggestion to binge watch? Imagine having to wait an entire week between episodes for your favorite series; the fact we don’t is gratitude worthy! [Need some binges? Check out The Spy; Chernobyl; Modern Love; The Act; and Unbelievable.] Seen these already? Not to worry. Email me for about a zillion more suggestions!


*** These days I’m pretty grateful for the Urban Dictionary. Why? Because I have kids. The Urban Dictionary helps me translate their current vocabulary back into English, their first language or so I thought. There are few conversations that don’t include the words bet, lit, bruh, gucci and my personal [least]favorite phrase, And I OOP.  “Huh?” I used to say dismayed. “And I what?” To which their reply was a silent eye roll followed by some sort of unclear uttering which was even more confusing because it sounded like they just called me Karen instead of Mom. “Who’s Karen?” But thanks to the unpolished UD, I’ve got my game on point. “Hey. sksksk. Listen up. If you want me to be your stan, don’t be trash. We’re a squad, hundo P. Please don’t get savage cuz that won’t be fire and I’ll have to throw shade. Yasssss!”  CLICK HERE FOR A CRASH COURSE ON WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE SAYING! 


*** You know what else I’m grateful for? That little ole thing called The Universe. I’m not hundo P sure who or what this little ole thing we call The Universe is but I’m starting to figure out it’s not so little and I’m incredibly grateful to have it to lean on. I’m humbly learning to believe in its great force. And its force is greatly powerful indeed. There are signs and signals at every turn staring at us; we just have to be present enough in the moment to open our eyes and look! We must also be aware how The Universe flows. We don’t grow by being stagnant. We move in motion. Recognizing the ups and downs of The Universe helps us learn to ride the waves of our own lives with hopefully less effort and more ease. It’s definitely harder than it seems, but I’m trying to get there through trusting and believing and listening and learning and gaining as much wisdom and knowledge I can possibly absorb; and for that, my all inclusive attitude is undoubtedly one of gratitude!


Happy Thanksgiving!


JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…. “Fishing ain’t really about fishing. It’s about taking the time to just be. Realigning yourself [with nature]. Practicing patience. It’s a chance to center your thoughts.” – CJ.







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  1. Fabulous! The kid lingo – hysterical! Amen to being present and aware of the universe and it’s messages! Always grateful for our friendship! Happy Thanksgiving! ?

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