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Save As Draft Or Just Click Send?

Life is fragile.  We know this. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We know this too. Life is not a dress rehearsal. The show is shorter than we ever anticipated as evidenced by all the unexpected tragedies that shock the shit out of us. So if we know all of this, then why do we so easily lose sight of how precious the gift of our existence is? Why does it take an event that’s tragic to remind us to focus more on the magic?

Maybe because we, as an unpolished society, more often than not fall prey to the thrill of what’s to come rather than what’s right in front of us. Maybe because we, as an unpolished society, more often than not are too busy thinking the chase of the next peak is more exciting than what’s in between those peaks. Maybe because we, as an unpolished society, more often than not are just traveling on auto pilot in and out of the daily motions while we’re subconsciously waiting to be living better, stronger, happier versions of ourselves at some later point in time.

Maybe We’re Saving As Draft Instead Of Just Clicking Send.


But what if the computer glitches and the draft gets lost? Or worse, what if a deadly virus takes over and crashes the whole file? Erased, gone for good. We know this can happen. It does happen. A lot, as evidenced by all the unexpected tragedies that shock the shit out of us.

So how about instead of waiting and saving the draft of what we think we want to achieve for the better, stronger, happier versions of ourselves at some later point in time, we embrace the moments we’re given here and now and just click send?

Just Click Send…..


I’m not suggesting clicking send without some measure of proofreading. Of course it’s important to edit and check for grammatical mistakes or run-on sentences, but the reality is we’re never fully prepared no matter how many times we’ve reviewed the script. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith and realize the story might change. Revisions are allowed; in fact, it makes perfect sense since we are all constantly growing and learning and healing. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. You can’t keep saving the same draft over and over. Sometimes you gotta just click send.

And so it’s said, that’s the place where the real peaks exist. The place between what’s comfortable and what’s painstakingly uncomfortable. Haven’t you ever hovered over your computer wondering whether or not you should just click send? Heart racing; palms sweating; foot frenetically tapping. Wondering, do I save as draft or just click send?


Goddammit You’ve Gotten This Far….


And Wait For The Swoosh! 


For instance, if you know your job is unfulfilling and you’re just waiting for it to suddenly become more satisfying, don’t wait any longer. Stop saving the draft. Either figure out what you can do within the parameters of the job to make it gratifying or just click send and move on. LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster will gladly keep your pencil sharpened!

If you’re in a relationship, marriage or otherwise that’s headed down the road to nowhere but you’re waiting around for things to miraculously change without responsibly participating in a shift for the better, don’t wait any longer. Our hearts deserve to be lead characters in an epic, award winning novel of love, honor and respect not some shitty, crumbled up rough draft with insignificant space holders as your supporting cast. Stop saving the draft. Either make the effort to salvage the union or just click send and get on with your life.

Same mentalities apply for diet, travel, passion projects, hobbies and the like. Either start the new healthy regime today and lose the extra weight you’ve been bitching about since December or decide that eating the pizza and pasta are actually what makes you glow brightly. It doesn’t really matter which you chose, but stop saving the draft, just click send and make a choice. Then take the tags off the clothes that have been hanging in your closet for the last six months. What are you saving them for? Just click send and wear them! Who doesn’t feel like a total rockstar in a brand new outfit? Build the house. Take up an instrument. Get the puppy. And stop saving the draft on simply the idea of traveling to far away lands. Just click send and book the airline tickets. You’ll be one step closer to getting lost in the excitement of learning, exploring and entrenching yourself with new people, places and things. Don’t wait for Europe or Africa or Asia; instead let the continents wait for you. (Well, if you’re thinking Asia, maybe not China. Maybe hang back on China until they clear up the Coronavirus!)

Please don’t wait for the tomorrow that might not come. Don’t wait until later when now is the gravy. Please don’t miss out on life by saving the days as a draft. Just. Click. Send. And wait for the swoosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW….. I write for my own personal growth as much as I write for anyone, if not more. One could argue it’s selfish because writing for me is an accountability check to some degree. I very much need the unpolished reminders to help change the patterns of “saving drafts” so that I’ll instead take the risk to “just click send.” If you’re reading this, then you know for today at least, I did just that. I clicked send. Now it’s your turn! Just click send. And wait for the swoosh. I betcha it’ll feel and sound unpolishedly right! 


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9 responses to “Save As Draft Or Just Click Send?

  1. How come every time you post it’s a mirror of my life? I’m clicking & sending. Thank you for always being so spot on

  2. Bravo!!! ??????
    Right on the money!!!
    You should be very proud of yourself for clicking send! Now if we can just remember to follow your advice! ??‍♀️????‍♀️
    Can’t wait for the next! ??
    Just. Click. Send. Love it!

  3. My relatively new mantra is “never delay happiness” I have been saying that almost every day since last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now I am thankfully perfectly healthy and wake up reminding myself how grateful I am every. single. day. No one should have to wait for a bad medical report to live this kinda life:-)

  4. Loved this one Rach!! So so true and hopefully your words will motivate and inspire others to live life now.

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