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Queen Of The Quarantine: All The Ladies In The House Say, HEY!

       ??? ?All the ladies in the [quarantine] house say, hey! ????

?All the ladies in the [quarantine] house say, hey! ?

?If you came to get out and play; get on the floor ?

?Lemme know exactly what you came here for! ?


This week I’m saying “Hey” to everyone in the [quarantine] house but an especially, extra loud unpolished “Hey” to all the ladies in the [quarantine] house in honor of Mother’s Day.

Given life’s current climate, as far as I’m concerned you don’t even have to be a Mother to be a recipient of my shout out. And since every day is essentially the same, why wait until Sunday? Why not celebrate now? At the very least, it’ll give us something to do! Here’s to celebrating now because all the ladies in the [quarantine] house deserve acknowledgement!

So to the Mothers. The Grandmothers. The Aunts. The Sisters. The Nieces. The Cousins.

I say, “Hey!”

I also say, “Hey” to all the Friends who step up and help out as substitute Moms when needed without ever being asked!

Whether you are a lady who’s responsible for little people or big people, I salute you and say, “Hey!”

Whether you are a lady who’s responsible for a sinner or a saint, I salute you and say, “Hey!”

Whether you are a step-parent lady to your partner’s kid(s) who barely give you the time of day except to remind you that you’re not really their parent, I doubly salute you and say, “Hey!”

Whether you are a lady who’s a parent of a pet, be it anything from a barking four-legged furry friend to a maddening murder hornet, I salute you and say, “Hey!” 

To all the ladies near and far who work tirelessly day in and day out to make the Universe a better, safer, happier and healthier place for your loved ones, I salute every single one of you and say, “Hey!”

I applaud your relentless strength, dedication and commitment. I wish you a well needed day absent of anything remotely resembling the last eight weeks relative to tasks including but not limited to cooking, cleaning, home schooling, and/or worrying about wiping down deliveries!

May all the individual wonders of your personal world also honor and salute you with unconditional love, support and adoration, as there’s no one more deserving than all the ladies in the [quarantine] house!!!

To all the Queens of the Quarantines, I again unpolishedly say, “Hey!”

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW…..  For those whom might be missing either a Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Cousin or Friend this holiday weekend, I whole-heartedly believe while they aren’t with us here in the physical world there’s not a question in my mind they are undoubtedly with us by way of the spiritual world. I fully subscribe to the notion they’re guiding from an alternate stratosphere and in various capacities unique to them, they are sending positive light, love, strength and healing energies from above! So take a moment and feel their presence. They’re watching you shine as Queen of your Quarantine and I bet if you look up and listen carefully, you’ll hear them proudly salute you and say, “Hey!” Click the video clip below and enjoy the jam! 


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5 responses to “Queen Of The Quarantine: All The Ladies In The House Say, HEY!

  1. Hey to you my dearest niece. wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.
    Hope you get treated like a queen … deserve it!
    love you

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