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Back To Life. Back To Reality. Que Sera Sera. Whatever Will Be Will Be

In the lyrical words of Soul II Soul, [when it comes to school] it’s now officially

‘Back to life, back to reality,
Back to life, back to reality,
Back to the here and now yeah’

The notion sparks overwhelming feelings of mass confusion. Confusion because for the past six months I’ve been craving nothing but the semblance of order and structure and now that it’s actually time to implement a real routine I’m completely frozen. If my feelings were an emoji face, it would straight up be a deer in headlights!

? ? ?

Despite my bewilderment on the how and why I’m so unprepared considering I’ve been doing nothing but hide under the covers since March, I suppose ready or not, in the Grammy award nominated words of A Tribe Called Quest,

‘Here we go yo, here we go yo’

But doesn’t that still beg the question: So what, so what, so what’s the scenario?’

Does Anyone Really Know The Scenario?

Should I have gotten the kids new binders? Should they have gotten new clothes and sneakers? Am I still required to make them lunches and pack snacks ahead of time even if their classroom is located at the dining room table? Will the kids be able to wake up before sunrise with ease after countless days of sleeping until 2pm in the afternoon? Will they suffer from video game withdrawal? Will the Wi-Fi work effectively? Do they know how to log into their Google Classrooms? Do I know how to log into their Google Classrooms? Are the non-stop emails and pre-recorded phone calls and simultaneous text messages from the school administrators disseminating repetitive information supposed to be more helpful or more frustrating? We’re skipping the obligatory first day of school pictures, right? If we are secretly stalking their every move from the hallway while they’re zoomed into their classes do we still send them off with our overbearing well wishes? “Have a great day kids. Remember, the only stupid questions are the ones not asked. Speak up and use your voice. Be your own advocate! Learning is fun! It’s gonna be a great year. I can’t wait to hear what you think of your teachers and how the first day went! I’ll be here when you get home!”


JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Inasmuch as the only thing I’m certain of is the uncertainty of the upcoming school year, maybe the only logical mindset to tame the Night-Before-The-First-Day-Of-School-Jitters is to take a cue from Doris Day.

Que sera, sera. Whatever will be will be. The future’s not ours to see!’




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