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Do You Remember The 21st Night Of September

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Since most of us haven’t had much of a reason to check the calendar since last March, this is a quick reminder right now is the 21st night of September.
I had planned to write a full blog post comparing and contrasting the 21st night of September last year versus this year but my unpolished life got in the way; so while it is still written in my head, my thoughts never did get converted to the page on time.
Therefore, in the spirit of my initial intention, which was simply to give everyone an opportunity to Remember the 21st Night of September by way of the classic Earth, Wind & Fire song, please take a moment to click the link below and enjoy!
There’s no way this hit won’t hit home in a record way; one we likely could all use today!
I know it’ll make you want to remember, dance and help chase the [Covid] clouds away!


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