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Feeling Good


I don’t write about politics so I’m certainly not gonna start now. That said, I could not let today go by without expressing my overwhelming emotions of joy and hope and promise. I’m Feeling Good as today is in fact ‘a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life’ not just for me but for ALL Americans. 

Today we’re blessed to begin a historical new chapter filled with pages embodying strength, courage, healing and unity. 

I love Michael Bublé but today it seems so much more fitting to share Nina Simone’s rendition; as she was the African-American pianist, singer, songwriter and activist whom originally performed Feeling Good


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8 responses to “Feeling Good

  1. Brilliant, Rachel, just brilliant!! A statement made that speaks to the moment without offending those who hold a different view of the same country. I applaud you.

  2. Yes I’m also feeling good that hopefully, our Democracy will not die now.
    Thank you to 74+ million Americans for giving us another chance.

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