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Whaddya Get When The Audacious & The Therapist Collide?

 A Crash Course In Unpolished Therapy!



I’m excited to announce my latest passion project. Licensed psychologist, Dr. Lori Fineman and I have partnered to bring you our very own podcast titled,




Together we’ve committed to tackling all the tough talk and breaking down the wreckage on topics ranging from high level sensitivity to the utterly pretty, witty and gritty of pettiness! Our weekly session meets at the corner of Audacity and Advice where it’s unpolishedly plausible our wheels will spin out of control as we put the pedal to the metal and turn upside down! 

Though we may not know exactly where we’re headed, our engines are revved up and ready to go! We hope you’ll buckle up and join us for an unpolished ride bound to be filled with tons of twists and turns along the way!

Our episodes are now available wherever you download podcasts. For more information, please check out our website, or find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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