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I’m So Disturbed Because, Well, I Care A Lot


I don’t get easily disturbed but I can say with certainty, this week I’m so disturbed because, well, I Care A Lot.

For an hour and fifty-nine minutes I was unpolishedly disturbed watching I Care A Lot, a dark Netflix suspense thriller about a sheisty (I’m being gracious with my superlative) court-appointed guardian whom after targeting her latest victim with her fraudulent scam realizes she’s barked up the wrong tree and soon finds herself literally trapped  knee neck deep in hot off-road, murky lake water.

Within the first eleven minutes I was rattled enough to press pause in an effort to look up the show’s  details. I needed to make sure I was watching fiction and not an overly dramatized documentary about the deceit that can exist when an elderly person is deemed incompetent and his or her rights are stripped, leaving decisions about their care, well-being and assets up to the court’s own volition; of course however, with a little help manipulative coaxing from their friends schemy, criminal con artists. As it turns out, I Care A Lot is in fact based on real scary stories of elder abuse and guardianship fraud.

In my opinion, Rosamund Pike’s character, Marla Grayson is certifiably sociopathic. Her moral compass points in only one direction, a deep dive down into the abyss. I loathed her from the very first scene but her ruthlessness hit an unpolished apex approximately forty-nine minutes into the movie when her seethingly savage behavior directed toward [not so] weak-minded Jennifer Peterson played by Dianne Wiest had me utterly enraged. I was seconds away from bursting out my own expletives when fortunately Wiest did it for me by saying, “then have at it, you little crock of cunt.” Frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Then with all 4′ 4″ of Peter Dinklage lurking in the shadows, my mind, for a split second, drifted to that of Tyrion Lannister and his wily ways but quickly circled back with confidence innately knowing his character, Russian Mafia boss, Roman Lunyov would unquestionably be a tall order for adversary Marla Grayson to contend with.

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I wasn’t wrong. Their evil tête-à-tête didn’t disappoint.

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… The maddening maliciousness is disturbingly dark and undoubtedly unpolished. You’ll have to watch for yourself to see how it all unfolds. I’m not gonna wreck the plot twist. Why? You ask? Because, well, I Care A Lot. 





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One response to “I’m So Disturbed Because, Well, I Care A Lot

  1. we started watching it but it was way too disturbing & we quit. I like heavy, dark films but this was just way over the top. UGLY….

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