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Getting Our Unpolished Ducks (And Documents) In A Row With Special Guest: Estate Planning Attorney, Mark A. Gotlieb, P.A.

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Episode 76 of Unpolished Therapy originally aired on October 5, 2022

Episode 76 welcomes special guest Estate Planning Attorney, Mark A. Gotlieb to the corner of Audacity & Advice where the gals get “schooled” on how to get their unpolished ducks in a row as it relates to the legalese of estate planning.
Mark shares his expertise and helps to break down the confusing “wreckage” in an attempt to simplify the importance of putting pen to paper for not just if but when the inevitable happens. Whether you already have a “big binder” hidden in the bottom of a closet or drawer or not, this is an informative episode you won’t want to miss!


For further questions or inquiries on estate planning, you can reach Mark at The Law Office of Mark A. Gotlieb, P.A.
561-250-PLAN (7526)

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