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To BARBIE Or Not To BARBIE? That Is The [Unpolished] Question!

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Episode 102 of Unpolished Therapy is now available for download wherever you listen to podcasts.


Episode 102 meets the girls on the corner of Barbie Land & the “real world” as they break down the wreckage/controversy surrounding this summer’s blockbuster movie, Barbie. After months of media mayhem being choked down our throats does anyone even understand what the film is about? Self discovery? Feminism? Male chauvinism? Perfectionism? Is Ken “Kenough?” Rachel Silver-Cohen invites Dr. Boca to take a deep [albeit blind] dive with her into the mind of writer/director Greta Gerwig in an attempt to figure it all out!
Tune in as the gals ask, “To BARBIE Or Not To BARBIE? That is this episode’s [Unpolished] Question!


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