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The® Of It All

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… Episode 103 of Unpolished Therapy is now available for download wherever you get your podcasts.

An Brand New Delivery Arrived For You Overnight!
Unpolished Therapy Is Amazon’s Podcast Pick To Listen!
Amazon “recommends” episode 103 as the gals meet on the corner of Audacity & Advice to discuss the® Of It All as they ask the unpolished question, “Is There Anything You Can’t Get On Amazon?” Whether it’s shoes, shirts, pencils, patio furniture, computers or costumes, it seems there’s no limit to what® has to offer for sale!
If you’re amazed by the beast that is Amazon® this is a conversation you won’t want to miss! Great News: You don’t have to be a PRIME member to get your episode delivered to your doorstep ASAP…..
So order NOW & tune in as we ditch the couch, grab the mics (which we bought on Amazon®) and break down the wreckage (and boxes) of The® Of It All.



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