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Save As Draft Or Just Click Send?

Life is fragile.  We know this. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We know this too. Life is not a dress rehearsal. The show is shorter than we ever anticipated as evidenced by all the unexpected tragedies that shock the shit out of us. So if we know all of this, then why do we so easily … Continued

My Funeral Dress

A few weeks ago I attended a dinner party with a bunch of women to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday.  Over the course of the meal we talked about a million and one things.  Kids, spouses, camp, work, school, jewelry, current events, health and wellness, and food and fashion just to name a few.   … Continued

A New Year's Eve Blog…A Predictable Juxtaposition

Yesterday I got put on the spot.  I got a text from one of my friends that read,  “No New Year’s Eve blog? To which I replied, “I should do one, huh?” To which he then replied, “Unless you want your readers to think you died!” To which I didn’t reply at all because I … Continued