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Youth Basketball Mom

“MOM…. Where’s my uniform?” “MOM…. What time is my game?’ “MOM… We can’t be late or else our team gets an automatic foul.” “MOM… Who else is coming to watch me play today?” “MOM…. Can you help me find my lucky water bottle?” “MOM…. I think my sports goggles need to be tightened.” “MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Hey … Continued

LeBen Is Gonna LeBUGGGG That LeBron Is MIA from MIA

Finally, after fourteen days without so much as a verbal peep, I finally spoke to my son Ben on the telephone. ¬†Yesterday I heard his voice with my own two ears and got the confirmation that he’s settled in and loving camp. ¬†His initial homesickness is so “two weeks ago,” and now we’re all about … Continued