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Just Cuz I'm Unpolished… Doesn't Mean I'm Ungrateful

Nobody should have to be challenged in order to express gratitude, but I suppose sometimes we all need a little push.  I’m accepting The Gratitude Challenge that has recently swept across social media channels.   I’m jumping on the bandwagon in my own unpolished way.   THE TOUGHER THE SHELL… THE HARDER TO CRACK Despite … Continued

That's Funny… And I Don't Even Like Cats

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… I saw this and laughed. Then said, “That’s Funny… And I Don’t Even Like Cats.” I hope it makes you laugh too. Wishing you all a great, unpolished day! That is all. Thanks Elissa Z.  You know how much I appreciate your humor!      

A Picture Says A Thousand Words Or In This Case ONE!

I saw a clever picture today that made me laugh.  It’s so simple yet it leaves so much room for interpretation.  The unpolished humor is witty and gritty so it makes logical sense that I’d add it to the THAT’S FUNNY section of the blog. Have at it: When I first saw the picture, obviously I … Continued