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It Was Love At First Bite… But It's Over Now

If you’ve ever experienced a breakup where you really didn’t want the relationship to end but you knew it had to be done because it was for the best, then you know how painful it can be. Over the last week I’ve been getting over a difficult loss.  I’ve been mourning the end of a … Continued

I Won't Tell You Eight Things, But I Will Tell You One

The new shtick on Facebook seems to be listing a number of things about yourself that other people most likely would not know.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single one of these interesting albeit random, tidbits.  I’ve learned a lot about my friends, mostly that I didn’t know some of them quite as well … Continued

The Dinner Party

As a Self Proclaimed Foodie… I base that statement solely on having everything to do with my love for food and nothing to do with my unpolished palate.  Regardless, I recently decided to host a small dinner party at my home. I hired Stephanie*, chef and owner of Chef’s on Time*, a personal chef service, to cook … Continued

Simply Put, I'm Food Obsessed

[slideshow id=27] I’m just hours away from boarding a plane to the Amalfi Coast.  There are a million things I should be doing in preparation for this trip.  I should be packing.  I should be writing a detailed list of instructions for my Mother-in-Law who will be watching my kids.  I should be leaving notes … Continued

Food Gluttonous Food

[slideshow id=7] Food Splurging is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s also one of my biggest addictions.  There are lots of things that make me salivate, but eating a huge plate of something sooooooo mouthwatering is high up on the list!  Without a shadow of a doubt, I LIVE to EAT.  I am … Continued