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What's SUP??!?? The "SSUP" Is What's SUP!

What’s SUP??!??  Get it?  What’s UP but SUP.  That’s also what the kids say these days.  My nine year old likes to start off his texts simply typing, “Sup Mom.” But when I reference “SUP” I’m usually using it as an acronym for Silver UnPolished.  Ahhh it works, right?  I know.  Thanks.  I love it too.  I love … Continued


My Mother called the other day sounding incredibly enthusiastic.  She couldn’t wait to tell me that she “spotted an adorable young lady wearing the most fabulous yoga pants in aisle four at Whole Foods.  Knowing I would L-O-V-E love them, she ‘literally’ stalked the woman all the way to the parking lot to get the … Continued